Adult Fitness Program

Campus Parking

When you come to be tested, you will need a parking pass for M lot. This lot is located on the west side of Halenbeck Hall at the south end of campus. The pass is usually mailed to you prior to your appointment. Simply hang it on the rear view mirror of your car. If not mailed, a pass will be given to you upon your arrival at the Human Performance Lab.

To find the Human Performance Laboratory,

  1. Enter door 9 of Halenbeck Hall (directly behind the Bookstore/Gas Station).
  2. Immediately turn left and walk toward the women's locker room.
  3. On your right will be a stairwell. Descend the stairs to the basement level.
  4. At the bottom of these stairs, go through one set of doors and on your left you will enter the Human Performance Laboratory (HaH 111).