Education Abroad Opportunities

Honors students at SCSU may study anywhere in the world. They also have a unique opportunity to study at the Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies in a special Honours Programme at Oxford University in England.

Oxford University

Honors students have a wonderful opportunity to study at England's world famous Oxford University, located 50 miles northwest of London (just one hour by train). The University is more than 600 years old and is made up of 40 colleges and halls. Because of the wide range of experts available at Oxford, students have the opportunity to study almost any advanced, upper-division academic subject. In addition, Honors students from all over the world study at Oxford, so you are sure to get a quality classroom experience!

Special tutorials are offered in:

  • Art History
  • English History
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • Women's Studies

The city of Oxford was founded in the time of Alfred the Great (about 800 AD) and is one of the leading cultural and artistic centers in England. Oxford, which enjoys easy train and bus connections to London, teems with numerous museums, bookstores, and pubs and is surrounded by classic rolling English countryside. Over the course of a semester, students often take the opportunity to view other attractions, including Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Florence, and Rome.

There's more - Honors students can receive up to $2000 in financial aid (since Oxford's tuition exceeds that of SCSU). Several SCSU Honors students have studied at Oxford in the past years and loved the adventure and learning opportunity. It takes some planning ahead, so if England sounds like an experience you can't pass up, talk to the Honors director and start planning today.

Other Education Abroad Options

Education Abroad opportunities allow students to study in other nations while earning credit toward SCSU graduation requirements. Learn more on the Education Abroad webpage.


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