Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in the Honors Program. Whether you are a senior in high school, a first-year student at St. Cloud State, or a transfer student, we believe in your potential to join the Honors Program. Being an Honors student is a resume booster, giving you the edge with employers, graduate, med, or law schools.

Benefits include:

  • Priority registration for classes after first semester
  • Smaller, innovative classes focusing on discussion and utilizing speakers, field trips, projects, and team teaching. Average class size: 16 students.
  • A voice in how the program develops and operates: curriculum, evaluation, and admissions committees are all student-directed.
  • The opportunity to study at Oxford University, England
  • Compatibility with any academic major or minor.
  • The option of living on an Honors floor in the residence halls, enriching friendships within the Honors learning community.
  • Honors scholarships for top students, including the Deeann Griebel award for community involvement.
  • A forum to formally present research projects, both regionally and nationally, through participation in the National Collegiate Honors Council and Midwestern Regional Honors Conference and the All Honors Research Colloquium.
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