Applying to the Honors Program is as simple as filling out an application, whether you’re applying as a first-year student, or transfer student. Interviews are not required of most applicants.

What are we looking for?

  • Engaged and Active Learners
  • Participants in Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Leaders
  • Community Service Volunteers
  • Individuals with Great Communication and Writing Skills
  • Well-rounded Citizens


Freshman Honors Admissions

High school seniors are encouraged to apply to the Honors Program. The Application for the UHP requests the following information:

Educational and Background Experience

  • ACT/PSAT/SAT Scores
  • Class Rank
  • High School GPA and Courses Taken
  • Activities/Organizations/Volunteer Work
  • Past Employment
  • Letter of Recommendation

Essay Question

Applicants must answer one of the following essay questions:

  1. Describe a goal you have set for yourself and how you plan to accomplish it. How would you compare your educational interests and goals with other students in your high school?
  2. Describe a personal challenge you have faced, or a situation in which you or others were treated unfairly. How did you react to the situation and what conclusions did you draw from the experience? Were you able to turn to others for support?

Please attach a separate page with your essay question and response, using a guideline of approximately 300 words. Be sure to include your name and address on your essay materials.

Reminder: The Honors advisors will only start reviewing your application after a letter of recommendation is received. We only require one.

Download the University Honors Program Application (for new students). (PDF)

First Year Student (Current Student) Admissions

First Semester Admission is an opportunity to current SCSU students to apply for acceptance into the Honors Program. Students must meet the requirements outlined here during their first year in order to be eligible to apply.

The requirements include:

  • 3.25 cumulative St. Cloud State GPA
  • 12 credit hours in progress or completed at SCSU
  • Community Service

The fulfillment of the requirements listed above does not constitute automatic admission to the Honors Program. In addition to the fulfillment of the requirements listed above, applications will be evaluated based upon SCSU grades, rigor of coursework, and the overall quality of the application, including the required essay.

Download the University Honors Program Application (for current students). (PDF)

Transfer Student Admissions

Accepted transfer student to St. Cloud State University are eligible to apply to the Honors Program.

To be eligible for Honors, transfer students must have earned at least 12 academic credits from their previous institution and must have at least a 3.5 GPA. Transfer acceptances will be determined on a space-available basis. Transfer students must be willing to complete Honors Seminar I and II, 12 Honors credits (average 4 classes), and at least one semester of a foreign language.

Transfer students must apply prior to their first term at SCSU.

Download the University Honors Program Application (for new students). (PDF)

What's Next?

The Honors Program will mail the admission decisions via the postal service to applicants by April 15. Students who select the text message option may receive an earlier notice.

All St. Cloud State admitted students will be invited to participate in an Advising and Registration Day (A & R Day) hosted by the SCSU Advising Center. Invitations will be sent via USPS and reservations are made online. UHP students may attend any A & R Day. The UHP staff is present at each A & R Day and will work directly with UHP students. No special reservations are required for UHP students. A & R Days begin the middle of May. Exact dates and details will be on the invitation.

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