Program Requirements for students entering Honors

Honors Requirements:

  • Honors 100: Honors First Year Seminar I (2 credits)
    • Required during the first semester at SCSU
  • Honors 106: Honors First Year Seminar II (1 credit)
    • Required during the second semester at SCSU

GOAL 1: Communications (2 courses or experiences)

  • Goal 1A - Honors 170: Communication Studies (3 credits)
  • Goal 1B - Honors 160, Honors 161, Honors 163: English Composition (4 credits)


GOAL 2: Philosophy (1 course or experience)

  • Goal 2 - Honors 250, Honors 251, Honors 253: Philosophy


GOAL 3: Natural Sciences (Minimum of 2 courses)

  • Minimum of two courses, 3-4 credits each, no more than 4 credits from one department. One course must include a lab or field component; the second may be a natural science course with or without a lab or an environmental science course.

    Required: BOTH an Honors Lab or Field Science course – select one: 130, 131, 133;

    AND EITHER an additional Honors science from another department – select one: 130, 131, 133, 140, 141, 143;

    OR Honors environmental science, also by a different department – select one: 220, 221, 223, 420, 421, 423.

    See Goal 3 of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum / SCSU Liberal Education Program for automatic substitutions

GOAL 4: Mathematical/Logical Reasoning (1 course or experience)

  • Goal 4 - Mathematics
    • Honors 110, Honors 111, Honors 113
    • See Goal 4 of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum / SCSU Liberal Education Program for automatic substitutions

GOAL 5: History and the Social and Behavioral Sciences (1 course or experience)

  • Goal 5 - Honors 260, Honors 261, Honors 263


GOAL 6: Humanities and Fine Arts (2 courses or experiences)

  • Goal 6A - Honors 240, Honors 241, Honors 243: Humanities
  • Goal 6B - Honors 230, Honors 231, Honors 233: Fine Arts


GOAL 7: Human Diversity (1 course or experience)

  • Goal 7 - Racial Issues
    • Select one course from the list of Racial Issues courses listed in goal 7 of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum / SCSU Liberal Education Program

GOAL 8: Global Perspectives (1 course or experience)

  • Goal 8 - Foreign Language (3-4 credits)
    • Most 3+ credit foreign language classes will fill this requirement. 


GOAL 9: Ethical and Civic Responsibility (1 course or experience)

  • Goal 9 - Honors 210, Honors 211, Honors 213


Goal 10: Environmental Issues (1 course or experience)

  • Goal 10 - Honors 220, Honors 221, Honors 223: Environmental Issues


Total must equal at least 40 credits

Diversity (Multicultural, Gender, and Minority) Courses

Honors students must take three Diversity classes, one of which must be a gender class and one of which must be a Racial Issues class.

  • Any Honors course number ending in a “1” counts as a Diversity course.
  • Any Honors course number ending in a “3” counts as a Gender course.
  • Note: only Honors courses are numbered this way.

Waivers and Substitutions

All waiver and substitutions must be approved by the Honors Director or Associate Director

Credits earned prior to enrollment at SCSU may count toward Honors requirements.

  • Advanced Placement (AP) credits with a score of 3 or higher on an AP Exam.
  • Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) credits.

Credits earned after coming to SCSU may count towards Honors requirements

  • Education-abroad credits
  • Math credits when no Honors math course is offered or if your major requires a specific math course.
  • General education classes required as pre-requisites for a major if a parallel Honors requirement exists.

All credit for courses earned prior to entering SCSU must appear on your Transfer Evaluation Form from the Records and Registration Office, AS 118. Bring a photo ID to get your copy.

All substitutions of Honors courses must be approved by the Honors director or associate director and recorded in the Honors office advising files.

  • The Honors Office is located in Centennial Hall 216
  • Phone: 320.308.6623 for appointments
  • Email:
  • Access codes are given out each semester by appointment, not by phone or email (unless you are overseas) Appointments are required.

Maintaining good standing in Honors

Students in the Honors program are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above. If your GPA falls below this level, you will have some time to raise it, but you should make an appointment to see the Honors Director or Associate Director

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