Course Descriptions: Spring 2008

HONS 196 is not listed in numerical order, because it is always paired with another HONS class. 
These combinations are boxed below.

HONS 106

Honors Seminar II
Same instructors as fall: Becky Baltich, Gretchen Huwe, Helen Neudecker, and Holly Schuck
This course is the required continuation of Honors Seminar I. See the fall description.

This pair of courses must be taken together:

HONS 160

Early American Authors Rich Dillman
A literature course about early American authors, such as Nathaniel Hawthorne. This will be a great 5 credit combination.

HONS 196

Information Literacy Susan Motin
Modern information searching and critical thinking about information will reinforce the American lit and research paper.

HONS 160

The Road to the Psychedelic ’60s Jill Zasadny
The sixties are famous as an era of unrest and challenges to establishment values: the sexual revolution , the civil rights and women’s movements, and Vietnam war protests. But these ideas really originated in questions raised during the nineteenth century about authority and tradition. An Honors English composition class, equivalent to ENGL 191.

Shakespeare on Rome Caesarea Abartis
Shakespeare is considered one of the cultural treasures of the English-speaking world. Let us explore some of the riches of Shakespeare's works on our way to appreciating and, I hope, enjoying his powerful, complex, multi-layered plays. We will read, discuss, and watch two or three plays about Rome: Julius Caesar (1599), Antony and Cleopatra (1606-07), and possibly Coriolanus (1607-09). Students will learn how to use the resources of the library to research topics. Students will practice incorporating the research of other scholars into their own writing with the use of brackets, ellipsis dots, quotation marks, notes, and bibliographies.

HONS 161

Mythology: Hero's Journey Karen Wenz
Through the writings of Joseph Campbell, renowned mythologist, we will explore his concept of the hero’s adventure. We will follow the thread of the hero’s journey as it is manifest in literature and film, including the influence of Campbell’s work on current filmmakers such as George Lucas. An Honors English composition class, equivalent to ENGL 191.

HONS 170

Intro to Communication Studies Bruce Hyde
Interpersonal, small group, and public communication skills. Equivalent to CMST 192 in any SCSU requirement.

HONS 180

The Road to the Psychedelic ’60s Jill Zasadny
Same as 160, “Psychedelic 60s,” but without the research paper component. First year students will not usually need this course.

HONS 210

You, Your iPod—Whose Story? Geoffrey Tabakin
Assume that knowledge is infinite and that each of us brings to the University a wealth of experience that can only be shared through story as we pursue further understanding. As we tell our stories, how can we adapt to a technology that defines the narrative medium?

HONS 213

Women in US Politics Jane Olsen
Women in political roles; the social, cultural, political and power dynamics of women in elected office in the USA.

HONS 220

Environmental Science, Technology, and Globalization Balsy Kasi
The central issues of environmental science as connected through technology and globalization. Humans’ overarching roles in our planet’s environmental problems and successes. How our choices will influence global sustainability.

HONS 221

Technology & 3rd World Development Tony Akubue
The role of technology in socioeconomic development in developing countries. Why are some countries are developed and others are not? What prevents Third World countries from developing effectively using available technology?

HONS 230

Studio Art: Drawing Staff
U cn draw! Sit down. Grab some charcoal and a huge; tablet of paper. Learn how artists make a simple line come to life.

Studio Art: Painting Staff
Yes, in this course you will be painting, and you can do it! We’ll teach you. This is a good chance to stretch yourself. Concepts, materials and techniques in painting. Critical, cultural, and historical contexts of visual arts and design.

HONS 233

Women in Cinema Felip Costaglioli
Women as portrayed in film and women who have worked in cinema.

HONS 240

Bible as Literature Jack Hibbard
Even if it was divinely inspired, the Bible was written by many authors over many centuries, and expresses deep and changing understandings of what it is to be human. Team taught with Éttien Koffi, a linguist of Biblical languages.

The Wild Man Judy Dorn
Not just literature, but a multidisciplinary course about civilization as seen through the eyes of writers and artists who have wondered whether it is possible for a human being not to be civilized. Or is civilization part of what it means to be human?

HONS 253

Philosophy & Gender in India David Boyer
Men and women in India worship many male and female deities. Some Hindu philosophers reasoned that pure being is male, creative energy is female, and the world is illusory. These concepts affect everyday values and one’s sense of reality.

Philosophy and Feminism Kate Gill
The main focus of this course is the international women's human rights movement. We begin with an examination of the UN Human Rights Conventions, especially the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). Towards the end of the semester we'll look at women's history in the U.S., studying and performing a series of 19th century speeches.

Sects and Gender Carla Johnson
Ideas and practices involving women in various religious denominations.

HONS 260

Creative Thinking Zoa Rockenstein
The purpose of this course is to expand the student's ability to think and solve problems creatively. Creativity theory will be applied to personal projects designed to stretch each student's capacity to think creatively.

HONS 440

Arthurian Literature Glenn Davis
Not open to first year students.

Arthur may have been a real person, perhaps a chieftain who held ground after the Roman evacuation of Britain. But the stories about him developed centuries later, and reflect ideals of life later in the Middle Ages. Taught with English majors.

HONS 441

20th Cent Jewish Lit Joseph Edelheit
Not open to first year students.

While studying a broad range of literature by Jews, we will consider what, if anything, draws this literature together and defines it as Jewish literature rather than simply an assortment of literature by people who happen to be Jewish. Historical, religious and cultural effects on the texts. Taught with English majors and Jewish Studies students.

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