Course Descriptions: Fall 2008

HONS 100

Seminar for Honors students

HONS 160

Introduction to Shakespeare Abartis
Exploration of the rich works of Shakespeare to appreciate and enjoy his powerful, complex and multi-layered plays. Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Richard III. Informal journal, three or four papers, writing skills.

Hamlet Hibbard

In depth exploration of one of Shakespeare's finest tragedies including themes, characters and imagery. Writing will be emphasized.

The Politics of Gender

This course will study in part the differences of race and gender in the '08 Democratic race. It will also use this rubric to view depictions of gender in advertising and culture. Do women represent themselves well? Do they experience "sisterhood" or misogyny from other females? What are male reactions to women in power? And finally, is the United States antiquated or progressive in attitudes toward women in politics? We will use historical and biographical texts and clips.

Students signing up for this course should expect to contribute to discussion, politely consider views contrary to their own, write scholarly papers, research and defend their points of view.

HONS 170

Intro to Comm Studies Hyde or Mascarenhas
Focuses on theory and practice related to comm. studies in general, and to inter-personal, small group and public comm. in particular.    Comm influences on individuals and society. Improve critical thinking, organization and effective speaking.

HONS 210

American History of Political Issues Hofsommer
Study of political issues, their impact on elections and government policies.

Polls, Pundits and Public Opinion Huntzicker
Discussion of the truth, ethics and manipulation of info in political polling;  purpose, veracity and accuracy of pundits;  and  how public opinion is affected by both.

Your iPod - Whose Story? Tabakin
Assume that knowledge is infinite and that each of us brings to the University a wealth of experience that can only be shared through story as we pursue further understanding. As we tell our stories, how can we adapt to a technology that defines the narrative medium?

HONS 213

Women Warriors Tabakin
The course will be a process of critical engagement, first locating the “limit situation” conditions that define and to some degree contain feminism. Several “women warriors” who may not self-identify as feminists—either because the term did not exist, or from commitments that transcend the label. We take liberties with definitions, naming “militant” as assertive and dedicated and “warriors” as determined defenders of rights. We “take liberty” when freedom, fairness and opportunity are denied...we take them because they are not given.

HONS 220

Antarctic Geoscience Pound
(This course does count as a science lab course) In this course we will examine the natural environment of Antarctica from a geoscience (geology. oceanography, glaciology, paleontology) perspective, as well as from a historical perspective. We will start by considering Antarctic exploration and the geographical and political position of Antarctica, and continue to examine it's global and plate tectonic setting, it's geologic history, and the history and dynamics of ice sheet and ice shelf development and disintegration over time. The role that Antarctica plays in recording and influencing global climate change will be investigated, with particular emphasis on results from recent Andrill ( research. This course can be subsituted for EAS 220 (the Introduction to Geology for geology majors) if you are considering a major in Geology.


Gender and Technology Kasi
Course will explore mutual shaping of gender and technology in society. Critical thinking and active learning in a seminar format are required.

HONS 230

Philosophy and Religion in the Matrix Films King
Exploration of the meaning of knowledge, reality, consciousness, freedom, fate, good, evil, faith and enlightenment and the very meaning of existence using the Matrix movies as a springboard of discussion.

HONS 240

Heroes, Villains and Fools Wenz (online)
The archetypes of heroes and villains are the cornerstone of literature and film that inspire us and fill us with awe. We will examine the sometimes thin line that separates the hero from the villain and we will delve into their traits and the paths they take using literature and film.

HONS 251

Latin American Philosophy Nuccetell

HONS 263

Psychology of Gifted Women Rockenstein
Addresses the developmental needs, as outlined in scholarly literature, of women in Honors Programs. Part I: Role models in American History. Part II: Contemporary issues facing gifted women.  Course issues are presented from a feminist perspective.

Gender and the Body
This course will examine key issues around the gendered body. We will start from the grounding feminist tenet that gender is a social construction, and then explore various feminist theories and commentaries about how that shapes our understandings of various bodies. We will consider how different bodies are positioned in power dynamics of race, class, gender, sexual identity, and national location. That is, we will examine how we learn particular relations between bodies and how those relations are experienced. This course will foreground the relationship between gender and power, the body and identity. We will therefore look at how women in particular are denied or are able to claim authority over their bodies. We will read both creative and critical Women's Studies work to address issues such as:

  • The Body and Our Sense of Identity
  • The process of Gendered Socialization
  • Beauty and Body Image
  • Constructions of Masculinity and Femininity
  • The Body and Sexual Identity
  • LGBT Issues, Bodies, and Gender Performance
  • How Bodies are Racialized
  • Representation of the Body in Popular Culture
  • The Medicalization of the Body
  • Eating Disorders
  • Feminist Disability Theory
  • Reshaping and Altering the Body
  • Body Modification Rituals
  • Embodied Experiences
  • Reclaiming the Power over our Bodies

The course will disrupt the mind/body split to instead explore how our understandings of our bodies and those of others affect us physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Students will develop their abilities to critically analyze theories about the body and strengthen their sense of their own relationship to their own body. To that end, we will combine intellectual discussions of the issues listed above with creative activities designed to enhance our sense of embodiment, including journal exercises on the five senses and reflections on their experiences doing everyday activities, such as exercising or eating. As students become mindful of their own senses of embodiment, they will also learn how to connect them to the feminist course content. They will thus learn how to apply the issues to their everyday life. The class will conclude with a collaborative activity in which students work collectively to contribute something to the campus community about the issues we have discussed, thus working toward social change. We will also leave students with some feminist strategies for sustaining and empowering and healthy relationship with one's body in the future.

HONS 440

American Short Story Dillman

HONS 443

Marriage and Adultery in European Literature Mikolchak
Comparative German, French and Russian literature from 18th, 19th and 20th century focusing on marriage and adultery. Discussion format, comparative analysis, and historical context.

HONS 460

Applied Psychology of Management Ward

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