University Honors Program Research Colloquium

The Honors Research Colloquium is the culminating experience for all first year UHP students. The Colloquium allows first year students to showcase their research project to professors, students, and family.

Each incoming first year student is required to take Honors Seminar II. This course is centered on finding the connection between general education courses and seeing the value in a liberal arts degree. As part of their required coursework, students research a topic that they found through an analysis of two of their classes. Students write a research paper on their topic, and then present their findings at the Honors Research Colloquium.

2014 Top Honors Seminar Research Colloquium Project Categories

Associate Provost's Award - Abshiro Mayow; Lauren Hamilton

Best Poster - Sara West

Best Research - Seth Hennagir; John Simila

Most Creative Course Connection - Yazmin A. Juarez Medel

Best in Show - Neil Manning

2013 Top Five Honors Seminar Research Colloquium Projects

The Removal of Recess by Holly O'Neil

Got Allergies? by Emma Van Peursem

A Leg Up in Construction by Ben Waters

It's More than a T-Shirt by Sally Traut

So You Want to Change the World, Huh? by Erik Franke


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