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Criterion 3 Student Learning and Effective Teaching

Core Components:

Student with children

The organization provides evidence of student learning and teaching effectiveness that demonstrates it is fulfilling its educational mission.

St. Cloud State University has worked diligently to create a culture of assessment and accountability that is embedded throughout the many levels of the campus community. The commitment to excellence in teaching and learning as stated in the St. Cloud State University mission serves as the foundation for our efforts. The movement toward creating a culture of assessment and accountability represents a profound systemic change in how decisions are made at the institutional, college, program, and student level. A shift toward such a culture is also a shift toward a model of data-driven decision-making. All too often, institutions of higher education make decisions based on tradition or “that’s how we always do things.” If accountability is a priority at an institution, data are consistently used in the decision-making process. Our work toward the goal of creating a culture of assessment and accountability is ongoing because of the complexity involved in such a shift as well as the magnitude of the change. Therefore, we are being deliberate in taking the time necessary to build a strong infrastructure that will allow us to make the needed shift.