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Undergraduate Programs

The history department offers major and minor programs and provides background courses for the other humanities and social sciences and for area study and special programs. The study of a foreign language is very important to the understanding of other cultures and frequently a requirement for graduate work in history.

Students interested in social studies programs with emphasis in history should refer to the programs listed in social studies.

The Social Studies Education major prepares students for Minnesota licensure as middle/secondary (5-12) social studies teachers. Students selecting this major must complete the Liberal Education program, the Social Studies Licensing Core, one of the emphases in the B.S. Social Studies major designated for licensure, and the Professional Education component.

Individuals who plan to seek this licensure should consult the Director of Social Studies Education in the School of Public Affairs, SH 361, 320-308-5226, immediately upon enrolling at SCSU or changing to this field to determine the current plan for the social studies licensure competencies to be developed and demonstrated. Fifteen credits of coursework at SCSU and a 2.50 GPA at SCSU are required for admission to the Bachelor of Science Social Studies Education (Teaching) major leading to middle/secondary social studies licensure.

Undergraduate Programs Bulletin

Major/Minor (Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Elective Studies)
African Studies
East Asian Studies

Undergraduate Program Aids

BA History (42 credits in Major): Suggested Plan of Study
BS Social Studies – History Emphasis (24 Credits): Suggested Plan of Study
BA History Major/Minor Application/Worksheet
Social Studies-History Major/Minor Application/Worksheet


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