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Culminating Experience (MS)

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The culminating experience is a generic term referring to the final academic experience in the master’s program.  In the Higher Education Administration M.S. Program, the culminating experience is one of three choices. 

Plan A-Thesis

A thesis involves the design and implementation of empirical (qualitative or quantitative) research. Students design an original study, obtain and/or develop data collection tools, organize and implement data collection, input and analyze the data, and write the results and conclusions of the study based on the data. A thesis contributes your field of study.

Research Resources

Thesis Forms

Library Resources

Plan B-Written Comprehensive Examination

The Written Comprehensive Examination (WCE) is a final exam that students can take at a specific date, pre-determined by the HIED program. This exam evaluates students’ basic knowledge about the courses offered in the M. S. in Higher Education Administration program. The exam entails working on two basic questions, and the analysis of a case study which is genuine to the field of higher education. These three items will be provided to the students during the date of the specific examination. The Written Comprehensive Examination is offered twice a year in a computer lab where students can access Microsoft Word software.

Plan C-Project/eFolio

A graduate project involves the design of a product, such as a curriculum, a workshop, a handbook, a video, a website, etc. The candidate provides a rationale for the product based on a comprehensive review of the research and consultation with experts in the field. The project contributes something new and/or significant to the student’s institution, and it must be based on a review of the research and/or a needs assessment.

A graduate eFolio involves the design of an eFolio using the MnSCU support website. Students provide evidence of knowledge acquisition and skill development by using course work or work related artifacts.


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