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Program Distinction (EdD)

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Discover Universities in the European context
through an education abroad course in Italy

Higher Education Administration Doctoral Program:

  • Prestigious. An award-winning regional public university, St. Cloud State is located about an hour northwest of Minneapolis, along the oak-crowned west bank of the Mississippi River. The U.S. has 2,870 four-year colleges, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, an agency of the U.S. Department of Education. That places St. Cloud State in the . . .
    • Elite 9 percent of the nation's colleges and universities, based on quality of education, affordability and outcomes. View Money magazine methodology.

    • Elite 23 percent of colleges and universities based on student satisfaction, post-graduate success, student debt, graduation rate and academic success. View the Forbes magazine methodology.   

  • Established Faculty. Professors have strong academic credentials and are accomplished professionals from the field who engage you in a mix of research, theory, and real-life experiences.

  • Convenience. A weekend schedule is designed to meet the needs of working professionals to balance learning with career and family lives. Courses are typically offered during Friday evenings and Saturdays. Students usually take two courses per semester (fall, spring, and summer) and concentrate on one course at a time. Each course typically meets three weekends.

  • Program Length. Coursework may be completed in eight semesters (2 1/2 years). The dissertation proposal, research, and final defense vary depending on the student’s research timeline with a minimum of one additional year.

  • Cohort Approach and Professional Network. A cohort approach is offered with approximately 15 students progressing together through the practitioner-focused curriculum. Students build a camaraderie which fosters a learning community and valuable professional network after graduation.

  • Hands-On Training. Course learning typically takes place in the classroom allowing students to exchange ideas and build relationships with faculty members and classmates. Some online assignments and hybrid courses may be offered. In addition, field excursions may be included to provide firsthand observation to discover colleges and universities for academic, social, and cultural enrichment.

  • Engaging Research. Students select their own dissertation research topic they are passionate about that is appropriate for their field. Students select their advisor and committee members that best fit their research.

  • Location. Courses are offered on the St. Cloud campus.

  • Global Outreach. The doctoral program infuses internationalization and globalization into the curriculum. The doctoral program also offers courses to discover Universities in the European context with an online course and/or an education abroad opportunity in Italy. The University’s international student enrollment is ranked 13th nationally among master’s granting institutions according to the Institute of International Education (IIE) in New York City. It is proud of its strong international program with about 1,000 students from about 80 nations. Every year more than 450 students study abroad in one of 15 countries. St. Cloud State was recognized for its excellence in integrating international education across all aspects of the university with a 2013 Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization.

  • Wealth of Resources. St. Cloud State offers a $32.5 million state-of-the-art library and smart technology classrooms with wireless network connections. It offers a wealth of training workshops, writing tutors, statistical consulting, and research assistance to prepare your dissertation. Additional student resources can be found at: stcloudstate.edu/graduatestudies/doctoralstudies/students.asp

  • Affordable and Smart Career Investment. St. Cloud State is ranked in the top 4 percent most affordable among Forbes' "America's Top Colleges," sorted by annual cost. Our competitive tuition combined with a tradition of excellence is a smart investment in a global education which prepares you for the 21st century. The University offers generous assistantships, scholarships, and financial resources to assist students in pursuit of a degree.

  • Career Opportunities. The doctoral program engenders advanced leadership skills in academic, student, and administrative affairs and builds rewarding career opportunities for professional practice of higher education administration throughout the world.


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