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Dissertation Research (EdD)

Students select their own dissertation research topic that they are passionate about that makes an original contribution to the field of higher education administration. You design the study, obtain and/or develop data collection tools, conduct your study, analyze the results, and write the findings.

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Examples of Doctoral Student's Dissertation Research

Author Dissertation Title
Coquyt, Michael Moral Development through Service Learning Projects
Crue, Kelly Pre-service Teachers' Understanding of Gender and a Gendered Curriculum
Davis, Lynn Women of Color Leaders in MnSCU’s Four-Year Universities
Ferguson, Michael Assessing the Effects of Higher Educaiton Instructional Course on Student Reflecting Ethical and Moral Dispositions, Ethical Knowledge and Decision-Making
Gardner, Sidney Assessing the Needs of Non-Monosexual Students
Gidlow, Sonja Mobile Phone Use & Student Development: How Communication w/Parents is Related to Psychosocial Development in College Students
Halverson, Michael The Relationship between Alumni Gift Giving and Alumni Satisfaction with the Undergraduate Experience
King, Herbert A comparative Analysis of Gender Differences and Adjustment to College Among International Students
Kuznia, Jodi Balancing Personal & Professional Lives: Community College Female Faculty in MnSCU
Liu, Xingcai A Study of Internationization of Minnesota's Higher Education From the Perspective of International Student Mobility
McAuley, Patricia Effect of Institutional Image and Person-Environment Fit Theory on College Choice
Miller, Rita Adjunct Faculty in Community and Technical Colleges: Impact on Student Outcomes
Monerson, Jodi Undergraduate Student Leadership
Olson, Angela Cosmic Radiation: Flight & Preflight Considerations
Pettitt, Cherie Intercultural Competence of Student Affairs Graduate Students Participation in Study Abroad
Roan, Kimberly African American Women Administrators: Explorign Access and Agency
Ruhland, Gail Past, Present, Future: Times of Change for Continuing Education Units in Higher Education Institutions
Runestad, Eric Campus Based Leadership Development
Saeger, Karla The Development of Critical Thinking Skills in Undergraduate Students
South-Winter, Carole Predictors of Success on the Certified Radiology Admin. Credential Exam
Tosch, Mary Campus Activities Boards: Learning Outcomes for Leaders and Members
Yunkers, Ryan Persistence factors for NT students in online courses


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