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SCSU Student Health Services -  Hill Hall  (320) 308-3193

  • 1on1 consultation with medical provider
  • Prescription medications available such as: Zyban, Nasal Spray, Oral Inhaler and Chantix
  • Over the counter medications available such as: Nicotine Patch, Gum and Lozenge

On-site Cessation Classes (Class will be held in January 2013)

Freedom from Smoking is the American Lung Association smoking cessation program. The program launched in 1975 and has been revised through the years to provide the most current cessation information. Freedom from Smoking classes are run by a facilitator who guides the conversation. Participants learn tools and techniques for quitting tobacco from the facilitator and gain additional support and ideas from fellow participants. Research shows tobacco users are more likely to be successful in their quit attempt when they use a cessation program.

The 7 session Freedom from Smoking class addresses:

  • benefits of quitting
  • how to deal with withdrawal/recovery symptoms
  • importance of social support
  • weight control
  • stress management
  • resisting the urge to use tobacco
  • relapse and success

* If you are interested in participating in the cessation class please contact for further information and to put your name on a waiting list.

Telephone Cessation Services

QUITPLAN Services (Minnesota) – 888-354-PLAN

American Lung Association – 800.LUNG.USA

American Cancer Society – 800.ACS.2345

Website Cessation Services

QUITPLAN Services (Minnesota) –

Freedom from Smoking Online –

QuitNet –

Quit Smokeless –

Through With Chew –



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