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Condom Club

What is the Condom Club?

It is NOT a recognized Student Organization but there are over 5,000 members since the inception of the "club". It is an education tool in which students watch a video and gain knowledge about sexual health and also local resources.

How do you join the Condom Club?

All a person has to do is attend one of the various Sexual Health Education Seminars on campus or go to the Atwood Memorial Center Room 247 and watch the new and improved 8 minute "Condom Club Video". It is just that EASY.

What are the benefits?

As a member you will receive a FREE Condom Club Member Card. This card will allow you to receive occasional promotional items every month as well as receiving our "Condom of the Month".

-Condom Club Members will also receive discounted Condom Purchases (12/$2) and FREE dental dams.

Condoms available through Condom Club

Propers steps to using condoms and dental dams


Where is the Condom Club?

The condom club is located in the Atwood Memorial Center Room 247 (2nd Floor).

Health Promotions Location

Why do I have to watch the “Condom Club Video”?

At the Student Health Services, we are committed to enhancing the health and wellness of all students through many different health promotion avenues, including education. We do not like to distribute safer sex materials without also providing health-enhancing education (the condom demonstration) and the opportunity for students to ask questions and receive other health promotion resources (brochures and other services available at Student Health Services).











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