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(scroll down to see all hospitals) ; for all hospitals that require transcripts except St. Cloud Hospital, wait until Fall grades are available before sending transcripts. For St. Cloud Hospital, send official transcripts without Fall grades with application. Then, after fall grades are available, send a second set of official transcripts. Students need C or better in all math and science courses. The GPA in the major must be above 2.00 at all times (which is required for graduation).

St. Cloud Hospital
School of Diagnostic Imaging; CentraCare Health System
1406 Sixth Avenue North
St. Cloud, MN 56303
Program Director: Mrs. Deanna Butcher, MA, R.T. (R)
E-mail: ButcherD at centracare dot com [replace " at " with "@", etc. for e-mail]
Phone: (320) 255-5719
Toll free: (800) 835-6652 Note 1: Don't be discouraged by the minimum GPA requirement given on the hospital web site. According to the hospital director, that requirement is "not set in stone" and our students are encouraged to apply. Note 2: Send your official transcripts (in a sealed envelope) with your application materials well before the hospital admissions deadline; the transcripts will show your Fall semester courses "in progress." Ask the SCSU Office of Records and Registration to send a second set of official transcripts directly to the hospital once your Fall semester grades are recorded. In other words: don't delay your application but the hospital does need your Fall semester grades.

Mayo School of Health Sciences
Siebens Medical Education Building 11
200 First Street SW
Rochester, MN 55905
Education Director: Ms. Jill Tryon, MBA, R.T. (R) (M) (CT)
Phone: (507) 284-0208
Note 1: ACT not required.
Note 2: Note: Qualified SCSU Radiologic Technology students are encouraged to apply to the Mayo Clinic (use link above) to satisfy their SCSU hospital internship requirement, but unlike the other hospital internship programs (a) SCSU students will pay MSHS (Mayo School of Health Sciences) tuition and fees, and (b) all financial aid will have to come through MSHS. For 2012-2013 the MSHS tuition rate was $378/credit; it is $496 per credit for 2015-2016. Tuition rates are always subject to change, so the MSHS tuition rate may be different next year.

Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital
School of Radiography
Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital
611 Saint Joseph Avenue
Marshfield, WI 54449
Program Director: Mrs. Nicole Hable, MS, R.T. (R)
E-mail: Nicole dot Hable at ministryhealth dot org [replace "dot" with "." and "at" with "@", etc. for e-mail]

Phone: (715) 387-7189
Note: see note at bottom of this page regarding letters of recommendation for this hospital

Mercy/St. Luke's School of Radiologic Technology
P. O. Box 3026
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-3026
Program Director: Mrs. Dana Schmitz, M. Ed., RT(R)
E-mail: Dana dot Schmitz at unitypoint dot org [replace "at" with "@", etc. for e-mail]
Phone: (319) 369-7077
Note 1: As soon as possible but well before September 30: To apply to this hospital, first read the "Program Conference," which is an Adobe Acrobat file that can be accessed by clicking this link: (deadline is past; link has been removed)
Once you have read the "Program Conference" please follow the directions in that document. Do not wait until the last minute. Note 2: ACT exam not required of SCSU students.

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital
Avera Sacred Heart School of Radiologic Technology
501 Summit
Yankton, SD     57078
Program Director:  Ms. Anessa Van Osdel, M.A. R.T.(R)(M)
E-mail:  avanosdel at avera dot org [replace "at" with "@", etc. for e-mail]
Phone: (605) 668-8158
Note 1: For application form and other needed application materials for ASHH, please contact Ms. Van Osdel directly (they are not on the Avera Sacred Heart web site). Note 2: ACT not required, but it will strengthen your application if you provide ACT scores. Note 3: Official transcripts may be sent directly to the hospital from SCSU or you may include them (in a sealed envelope) with your application.

Sanford Medical Center
Sanford Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology
1305 West 18th Street, PO Box 5039
Sioux Falls, SD     57117-5039
Program Director:  Candace McNamara MBA, R.T.(R)
E-mail: Candace.McNamara at Sanfordhealth dot org [replace "at" with "@", etc. for e-mail]
Phone:  (605) 333-7445
Note 1: Need overall GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply to this hospital. Note 2: ACT Required (no exceptions right now). Note 3: Official transcripts may be sent directly to the hospital from SCSU or you may include them (in a sealed envelope) with your application.

Avera McKennan Hospital
Avera McKennan Hospital School of Radiologic Technology
1325 South Cliff Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD     57117-5045
Program Director: Susan Calmus, M.A.R.T. (R)
E-mail:  susan dot calmus at avera dot org [replace "at" with "@", etc. for e-mail]
Phone: (605) 322-1720
Note 1: Need overall GPA of 2.5 or higher to apply to this hospital. Note 2: ACT or SAT Required. Note 3: You can apply without an ACT or SAT score, but without an ACT or SAT score it would probably be difficult to be accepted by this hospital; practically speaking the scores are required. If ACT/SAT scores appear on transcripts, that is fine (you would not need a separate ACT/SAT score report in that case).


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