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Radiologic Technology Admissions

Student position "patient" for radiograph
Adam Rafferty positions a “patient” (Amy Lee, a registered radiologic technologist and clinical preceptor within the department) for an abdominal radiograph using typical diagnostic radiographic imaging equipment within the Imaging Services Department of the CentraCare Health Plaza located in Waite Park, MN (2005)

For admissions requirements, please see the Radiologic Technology home page here.

Important Note: at SCSU admission to a program is not the same as admission to the university. Non-SCSU students need to first apply to the university. Once you take classes at SCSU and have completed the appropriate courses and fulfilled the requirements, you can apply for admission to the major. There is no way to apply for admission to the major if you are not a current SCSU student who has completed credits at SCSU.

Admission to the major functions like a milestone for admitted students. If you are not a SCSU student, the first step is to apply for admission to SCSU. Please contact the Admissions Office.

Enrolled students should apply for the major within their first year in residence at SCSU.

There are several affiliated hospital programs (please click on the "Clinical Affiliates" link in the left-hand column). Once students have completed all first-year required SCSU courses, when they are enrolled at SCSU in the Fall and are on track to finish all on-campus coursework that academic year, they should apply to the clinical internship that Fall. Acceptance is competitive and is based on criteria established by the hospital affiliates. Admission to the major does not guarantee a clinical internship. All of the pre-clinical requirements should be completed prior to beginning the clinical phase.