Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship involves either the creation of a new business or the creation of a new business within existing organizations (intrapreneurship). In today's economy the entrepreneur has been an agent of change. The U.S. economy relies heavily on small businesses and entrepreneurs for generating economic growth. Worldwide more economies are relying on entrepreneurs and their willingness to take risks and develop new ideas and new industries that will lead them to economic prosperity. The purpose of this major is to prepare students to be effective and successful entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurship program at SCSU seeks to develop the entrepreneurial spirit in business and non-business majors. Students majoring or minoring in Entrepreneurship will develop conceptual tools for implementing the entrepreneurial process and obtain the managerial skills for developing a new venture and operating an ongoing venture.

A major in entrepreneurship includes the business core (39 credits) plus an understanding of entrepreneurship and all its facets - business management, finance, marketing, technology, law, sales and customer service. Because of its multi-disciplinary nature, the Entrepreneurship major offers a unique learning experience to students who want to either start or own their own business, open a franchise, or secure employment in an emerging or high growth industry. Students would complete the major with a broad background in business and have a full understanding of business opportunities and the development of business plans.

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