Major in Business

The Herberger Business School offers 8 different majors. Click on the name of the major below for more information.

Check out careers that relate to your intended major at! Industry professionals share their advice and experiences so you can learn more about various jobs. Professionals discuss their job descriptions, loves and challenges of the jobs, and advice about how you can prepare for similar positions. There are thousands of informational interview videos available.


Applying to a Major

Students are eligible to apply to a major within the Herberger Business School when they have met all of the pre-business requirements, including:

  • An overall GPA of at least 2.65
  • Completed at least 45 credits at the time of application, does not include credits in developmental courses (MATH 070 and MATH 072).
  • Completed or enrolled in the following courses:
    ACCT 291 * ACCT 292
    HBS 111 ** IS 242 *
    CMST 192 BLAW 235
    ENGL 191 CSCI 169 * or CNA 169 *
    MATH 196 * ECON 205


    ECON 206
      HBS 211

*   A grade of "C-"or better is required.
** HBS 111 is not required for transfer students who have completed 20 or more credits.
A 2.40 GPA and 12 credits earned are required to register for the underlined courses above.

Note: Accounting major requires 3.00 GPA average ACCT 291 and 292.

The following courses are ordinarily completed after admission to the major: IS 340, FIRE 371, MGMT 301, MGMT 383, MGMT 497, MKTG 320, PHIL 484

When you are ready to apply to one of the business majors, stop by the Pre-Business Advising Office at Centennial Hall 229 and request an application for Business major.


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