Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible to participate?

The PDP is open to all business students who want to practice and refine their professional skills to advance their careers.  This includes pre-business, admitted business majors and students who minor in a business discipline.

2. Why should I participate?

You will need to do many things to prepare for your career. Some of these things can be learned from the courses you take—but others will need to be learned and practiced outside the classroom. The PDP has been structured to complement your education and help you advance in your chosen career field. The suggested activities will help you strategically allocate your time and achieve your goals. The resulting documentation will help you create a marketable resume and prepare for interviews.

3. How do I enroll and participate?

Go to the PDP Office (CH213) and ask that a Digital Measures account be created for you. Once you have an account, you will be asked to enter a career development plan -- and then you will be ready to start the program!  Each time you complete the activities of a given track, you will need to update your account. Timely updates are important so the HBS administration can determine how many students are participating and ensure that adequate resources are on-hand to meet their needs.

4. How do I access my Program account?

Your account can be accessed from:

Your user ID and password are the same as those used to access your campus email.

5. What are the requirements?

There are varying levels of participation.  You can complete as much or as little as you would like.

To earn certification in a particular area, however, you will be expected to complete all three levels of a given track and meet with the PDP coordinator (CH 213) to review what you have learned. Students who do so will be certified by the HBS Dean.  Certification demonstrates to employers that you have demonstrated mastery of certain workplace skills and this credential can be reflected on your resume as evidence of your professional skills.

Students who are pursuing entry level positions are encouraged to complete tracks 1, 2 and 3. Students who are pursuing higher level positions are additionally encouraged to complete levels 4 and/or 5 (particularly if they plan to attend graduate school). Students who aspire to be business executives are also encouraged to complete level 6.

6. How will the school monitor the system to ensure students are honestly reflecting their activities?

All participating students will be asked to sign an honor code each year that they participate in the program.

7. Who has access to my account?

Only you will have access to the detailed information in your account. If you would like to discuss your activities with your advisor, you will need to bring a copy of your Digital Measure report to advising sessions.

8. Are there any additional costs?

There may be entry fees for some of the activities offered such as theatrical productions or certification programs, but in most cases activities will be free.

9. What HBS activities count for each track?

For each level/track of the program, orientation materials have been developed that can be accessed from the D2L Brightspace site created for the PDP program.  These materials will provide instructions on what participants should read, watch or do. Additionally, each year, the HBS offers programs that complement or fulfill PDP program requirements such as the dining etiquette program and business ethics program.  These opportunities will be posted on the HBS and University calendar/ web sites.

10. How long will my profile be maintained after I graduate?

You will be given access to the program reporting system for one year after you graduate. We recommend that you create a profile on Linked In and join the University Alumni group after you graduate.

11. Do I have to complete the levels of each track sequentially?

Yes, because each level was designed from a developmental point of view. Thus, it is important that you complete level 1 before embarking on level 2 etc.

12. What if I don’t want to complete the entire program? Can I participate anyway?

Absolutely. Complete as many levels or tracks as you want.

13. What “counts” for program activities? Can I do something on my own or off-campus?

You can participate in activities you identify, on or off campus, to fulfill the requirements of the program as long as you achieve the learning objectives established for that level/track.  Consult with the PDP Office to determine if the activity you have identified meets those objectives.

14. What about an activity that I completed before I started the program.  Does this count?

As long as the activities were completed while you were attending college (not high school) and fulfill the learning objectives established by the program, they will count towards the PDP.  You will need to enter these activities into your Digital Measures account, however.

15. Are there any special incentives for students who participate?

Student participants will be eligible for scholarships and be invited to networking programs with employers. Students who complete the program will be certified by the Dean.

16. Do HBS courses count as program activities?

There are a few Herberger Business School courses that will count towards this program. These include:

  • FIRE 201, Intro to Money Management (3 credits)—Professional Life Skills
  • Management 498, Business Consulting (3 credits)—Leadership and Ethics
  • Marketing 333, Business Communication (3 credits)—Professional Life Skills
  • Marketing 322, Market Research (3 credits)—Research/Critical Thinking 
  • HBS 411, Business Etiquette and Professionalism (1 credit)—Career Development 

17. What happens in HBS 411?

HBS 411 is an executive development course designed to help you transition from college to the workplace.  This course will give you an opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and create a personal marketing plan.

18. Can a single activity fulfill more than one track requirement?

As long as you can make the case that an activity fulfills more than one criteria, yes, you may count a single activity more than once. You will be asked, however, to defend double counting and will be limited in the number of activities that can be counted more than once.

19. Can I complete multiple levels in a single year?

Generally, no. We want you to get the most out of this program so we don’t want students to “cram” too much activity into any given year. Exceptions will be made in special circumstances, however, upon request.

20. What sort of time commitment does the PDP require?

Each orientation packet reflects a generous time to completion estimate.  While student experience may vary, we strongly advise that participants allocate adequate time to complete the activities of one level before progressing to the next.  This is why we suggest students do one per year.

21. Where is the program office?  What is available from this office?

The PDP office is in CH 213.  Handouts, booklets and assessments can be obtained from this office, along with individual counseling. Program materials, such as books and DVDs, are housed in the reference section of the LRC (under the PDP) and may be checked out as needed.