Professional Development Program Honor Code

The PDP program was designed to improve your marketability and success after graduation. As such, it is important that you do your own work and fully engage in program activities to derive the most benefit from this experience.

With this in mind, we ask all participants to abide by the following rules and guidelines.

I, _______________________________, agree to:

  • Record only those activities, events, tutorials and other work that I have attended or performed without assistance from or substitution by others.
    • To submit only my own work, and not that which has been copied or paraphrased, wholly or in part, from another student’s work, nor has been copied or paraphrased, wholly or partially, from a book, article, newspaper, the Internet or any other written or printed or media source whether or not copyrighted, or the work of another person.
    • To uphold the honesty and integrity of the program and not weaken the foundation of trust upon which it is built by claiming credit for work I did not complete on my own.
    • To report violations of this code to help maintain the academic integrity of the program and support a community of mutual trust among its participants.
    • To acknowledge that honor code violations are not limited to the actions prohibited above. Any dishonesty related to credit given for program track performance is a violation.
    • To acknowledge that violations of this code will be grounds for dismissal from the program.

Violations will result in a meeting between the student and the dean of the Business School or the dean’s designee. If the violation is not excused by the dean or his or her designee, the student’s participation in the program will end and the student will not receive credit for work they have completed.