Professional Development Program

We know how busy you are. Finding time to study, work and have a personal life can be challenging. The Professional Development Program will help you strategically engage in activities outside the classroom to build essential career skills. Each of the tracks in this program are based on what employers say they look for in new hires.

Completing the PDP program will help you “stand out” among thousands of qualified applicants. Employers are most impressed with students who maximize opportunities, seek out leadership opportunities and produce results!

Most of the learning materials and program resources will be available from the program D2L Brightspace site, on reserve in the Learning Resource Center or are available from the PDP Office (CH 213) and can be pursued at your convenience. Other recommended activities will be offered only once a year like Career Day, the dining etiquette program and the HBS ethics program. Be sure to check the HBS calendar at so you don’t miss these opportunities!

Program Tracks

Participation and Certification

The PDP program is open to all business students (majors and minors) who want to practice and refine their professional skills and advance their careers. Students are given the option of completing one level of a given track to completing the entire program.

The HBS recommends, however, that students who are pursuing entry level positions complete tracks 1, 2 and 3. Students who aspire to higher level positions are additionally encouraged to complete levels 4 and/or 5 (particularly if they are planning to attend graduate school). Students who plan to be business executives are also encouraged to complete level 6.

To earn certification in a particular area, students need to complete all three levels of a track and meet with a PDP committee member to review what they learned. Students who do so will receive a certificate from the HBS dean.

Students who plan to major in business and have been admitted to the University Honors Program should discuss making the PDP part of their learning experience. Please contact the honors director for more information (CH 214).