Class Presentation Guidelines

The class presentation is required of every student taking a Herberger Business School internship for credit. The presentation should be completed by the tenth week from the first day of classes in the semester immediately following the internship. In cases where a student does not return to school immediately following the internship, the deadlines shall apply in the first semester he or she does return. Each presentation must be evaluated by a Herberger Business School faculty member on the approved evaluation form. This form must then be returned to the Internship Office. It is the student's responsibility to check with the Internship Office to verify this.

All students may choose the class or approved Herberger Business School club they wish to present in and should contact the appropriate instructor in the first or second week of classes after returning from the internship. Presentations should be given in classes within your major or within the core business classes. In choosing a class to present in, please look for classes which might be connected in content with what you did during your internship.

Presentations to recognized Herberger Business School clubs are acceptable as long as a faculty member is in attendance to evaluate the presentation. When the appropriate faculty member is first contacted, the student and faculty member must determine the most acceptable date for the presentation.  Generally, the presentation should be 10-15 minutes long.  Please leave a few minutes at the end for questions.

Before giving your presentation, fill out the top four lines of the evaluation form and review the entire form. This will let you know the areas you need to pay attention to and will be evaluated on. The presentation itself should consist of a brief review of the internship including the company or organization sponsoring it and what the job duties included. You might also want to discuss briefly the interview process (if any) that you went through to get the internship. In particular, talk about how you would prepare for interviews in the future based on this past experience. This will help students prepare for their own future job interviews.

Use of handouts, overhead projector transparencies, and other visual aids such as PowerPoint slides is optional. Interns should remember the knowledge level of the group being addressed. The presentation should last 10-20 minutes and some time should be left for questions and answers. At a minimum, business casual dress is recommended.

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