There are several forms listed below which are used either before or after the internship experience.  All of these are common to both full-time interns and part-time interns.

The Internship Application Form is used to start a file in the Internship Office. This should be done early in the semester immediately preceding when you want to intern. This form is only required of those students who are interested in receiving academic credit for their internship.

The Internship Proposal Form is a job description form which is to be filled out by the employer. Please check with the Internship Office to see if the form has already been submitted by an employer.

The Internship Presentation Evaluation Form is used for the class presentation done after the internship. The intern presenting must fill out the top four lines and print a copy of the form to give to the professor prior to the presentation. You are welcome to view the completed evaluation in the Internship Office.










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