Internship Appraisal Form

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1. Quality of Work (note)
2. Quantity of Work (note)
3. Self Projection (note)
4. Competency (note)
5. Communication Skills
6. Judgement (note)
7. Relations (note)
8. Attendance
      Absenteeism Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
      Punctuality Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
9. Safety (note) Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
10. Overall evaluation of performance
Outstanding Consistently exhibits exceptional performance in carrying out assigned work; also makes substantial contributions beyond those expected.
ExcellentPerforms all jobs assignments in an accurate, prompt and complete manner; also makes significant contributions beyond those normally expected.
Good Is fully qualified for all aspects of the job and performs regular assignments accurately, promptly and completely.
Fair Performance is generally acceptable; however, further improvements is needed and close supervision is required.
Poor Performance is inadequate due to lack of experience, physical limitation, lack of ability, or lack of effort.

VI. Has this evaluation been discussed with the student? Yes No

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