Requirements Upon Completion of All Internships:

You are required to come back to campus for at least one semester (or one summer session) after your internship. During that semester, you must be registered for and taking at least one on-campus class, and you must complete the following:

  • an Internship Paper which is to be turned in to the Internship Office; and,
  • a Class Presentation

You do not need to be a full-time student in this post-internship semester.  See the Guidelines page for additional information about the Internship Paper and the Class Presentation.  Also, see the Forms page for a downloadable Evaluation Form which is to be used for the Class Presentation.  You are responsible for filling out the top four lines and giving this form to the HBS professor who is evaluating this presentation.

There are deadlines for the submission of the Internship Paper and the completion of the Internship Presentation. Please see the Calendar section of this web site to determine these each semester.






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