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St. Cloud State University (SCSU) has numerous programs for students wishing to earn credit while studying abroad. Education abroad experiences are becoming more important and more popular each year; 150,000 U.S. students study overseas each year, about one-fifth go specifically to study business. Education abroad experiences offer students "life-altering" personal growth coupled with valuable career skill development. The Herberger Business School (HBS) is proud to partner with the university in offering students education abroad programs with a special focus on business.

Alnwick, England

The Alnwick, England, study abroad program is offered in the summer, fall, and spring of each year. The program offers students the unique opportunity to live in a castle and take classes. All students going to Alnwick are required to take courses in British history and contemporary Britain from British faculty.

Students take 12 credits during Summer programs (8 required) / 15 credits during Fall (10 required)


  • BRIT 101, Intro to the British Cultural Experience, 1 (1 cr) [Liberal Ed Goal 8]
  • BRIT 201, Intro to the British Cultural Experience, 2 (2 cr) [Liberal Ed Goal 8]
  • BRIT 250, Contemporary Britain (3 cr) [Liberal Ed goal 5]
  • Summer -- HIST 235, Aspects of Medieval English Society (2 cr)
  • Fall -- HIST 335, Reformation to Revolution:  Early Modern Britain, 1529-1689 (4 cr)

Additional information on the study abroad program in Alnwick, England, can be found at

Summer 2014

Faculty: Dennis Bristow (Marketing) and Rajesh Gulati (Marketing)

Tentative course offerings - pick two electives:

  • MKTG 100 (3 cr) Contemporary Business Concepts [Liberal Ed Goal 8]
  • HBS 479 (3 cr) Special Topics in Global Business [May be major/minor elective]
  • MKTG 320 (3 cr) Introduction to Marketing [Business Core]
  • MKTG 403 (3 cr) Principles of Promotion
  • MKTG 415 (3 cr) Professional Selling

Tentative program dates:

May 21             Depart Minneapolis
May 22             On-site Orientation
May 26             Classes Begin
June 21            Week Break Begins
July 7-10          London Field Trip
July 25             Classes End

Application deadline: February 1, 2014

Fall 2014

Faculty: Dr. Paula Thompkins (Communication Studies, Academic Director) and Dr. Bill Hudson (Finance)

Tentative course offerings - pick two electives:

  • CMST 318 (3 cr) Argumentation and Advocacy [Liberal Ed Goal 2]
  • FIRE 371 (3 cr) Managerial Finance [Business Core]
  • FIRE 472 (3 cr) Financial Institutions
  • FIRE 473 (3 cr) International Finance

Tentative program dates:

August 20     Depart Minneapolis
August 21     On-site Orientation
August 25     Classes Begin
Sept. 20        Week Break Begins
Oct. 13-16     London Field Trip
Nov. 8           Two-week Break
Dec. 12         Classes End 

Study Business in Germany

Additional information on the study abroad program in Ingolstadt, Germany, can be found at

Each year, the application deadline for the fall semester is March 1st, and the application deadline for the spring semester is October 1st.

Courses Offered (subject to change):

  • COB 499 (substitutes for PHIL 484) 
  • MKTG 320 (business core requirement)
  • MKTG 333 (business core requirement)
  • GER 101 (goal 8)
  • Additional courses vary by semester

Upcoming Short-term Programs (tentative)

  • May 2014 - Auckland and Rotorua, New Zealand; Coral Coast and Treasure Island, Fiji
  • May 2015 - Rome, Florence, Turin and Venice, Italy

Please contact Diane McClure (, Centennial Hall 229, for information about these programs.  Additional SCSU study abroad programs offering business courses are available.  For more information, go to Center for International Studies website at


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