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The tremendous growth of global business has created a need for international business executives.  At St. Cloud State University, the Herberger Business School offers several programs to prepare graduates for related careers.  The undergraduate program includes a major and a minor in international business.  Development of these programs has resulted in the establishment of successful business relationships with a large number of public and private international organizations as well as the international business community.

Tyler Gehrmann, 2005 graduate

Program Overview

Students interested in international business at SCSU may select the major or minor.  Those who major in international business must also pass a foreign language competency test.  This better prepares students for entry into the job market and career advancement.  A minor in international business is available for both non-business and business majors.

To find out more about the international business program, please click on the link below.

For more information, please contact the Herberger Business School Office of Undergraduate Programs at (320) 308-3214 or email intlbusiness@stcloudstate.edu.


"The International Business Program at St. Cloud State University prepares a person extremely well for a global career. The program introduces how multinational companies operate and the challenges they face today and in the future. After my completion of the program, I started working for a German manufacturing company in Germany. My education proved to be essential in solving the problems that arise for businesses when competing in an international environment."

- Adam Fuchsteiner, 2005 graduate



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