Faculty and Research

Academic and professional research have high recognition at the HBS. Faculty members work in an environment of academic freedom and original thinking and explore many globally related topics.

Our faculty have been published in some of the most prestigious and influential professional journals and presented at conferences nationally and worldwide. Not only that, many have been recognized with awards and honors from professional and academic organizations.


Featured HBS Faculty Researchers

Professors Ken Schneider (left) and Denny Bristow have a passion for baseball and for several years have been applying their research expertise in consumer behavior and scale development to the sport.

Ken Schneider and Dennis Bristow

Ken and Denny have worked with several Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, including the San Diego Padres and Arizona Diamondbacks, studying fan behavior, loyalty, motivation, and knowledge of the sport of baseball. The research team has also worked with the Padres and d’Backs to study fan response to and perceptions of the promotional efforts of professional sports organizations. Professors Schneider and Bristow have published their work in the area of professional sports in leading academic journals and plan to continue their work with other MLB teams and to expand the research to other professional and collegiate sports.

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