Disciplinary Process for Academic Dishonesty

Current University Process

Cheating in the Classroom

Course instructors are expected to take reasonable measures to prevent cheating in the classroom.  Where an instructor has convincing evidence of cheating, he/she may take the following action:

A. assign a failing grade to the paper, examination, report, etc. on which the student was caught cheating; or

B. assign a failing grade for the course in which the student cheated; or

C. assign other appropriate sanction(s).

The student must be notified of the offense and sanction.

The instructor should report the case to the Student Life and Development Office.  Any disciplinary action would follow university code of conduct guidelines.  Disciplinary records will be kept by Student Life for a period of five years.

The student accused of cheating has the right to appeal the decision of the faculty member to her/his adviser, department chairperson, academic dean, associate vice president for academic affairs, and if necessary, the university president.

HBS Disciplinary Process for Academic Dishonesty

This process is designed to be a positive step toward eliminating academic dishonesty in the Herberger Business School. It will accomplish this by responding immediately to the incident, tracking offenses, and imposing consistent school sanctions.

This process is entirely separate from the grade appeal process.  Faculty members may take whatever action they feel appropriate in determining the grade in any of their classes.  Students use the existing grade appeal process to appeal a grading decision.

In addition to the sanctions provided in the university policy parts A and B above, a faculty member who believes the student has engaged in academic dishonesty refers the matter to the HBS Academic Integrity Work Group (AIWG) consistent with part C of the University Process.

It is recommended that each faculty member include the following statement on his/her syllabus: “In addition to St. Cloud State University policies, procedures, and sanctions, the Herberger Business School has a disciplinary process for academic dishonesty with sanctions that may include expulsion from the Business School.”

HBS Academic Integrity Work Group (AIWG)

The HBS AIWG is made up of five voting faculty members, one from each department, and the Director of the MBA program if it involves a graduate student or the Director of Undergraduate Programs if it involves an undergraduate student.  The directors are nonvoting members of the AIWG. The graduate AIWG faculty members are those faculty eligible to teach MBA courses.

HBS Disciplinary Procedures

  1. All allegations of academic dishonesty are reviewed by the HBS Academic Integrity Work Group (AIWG) once a month.
  2. Upon receiving the AD (Academic Dishonesty) document from the faculty member, the HBS Undergraduate Director/Graduate Director coordinates an AIWG meeting and notifies the student, faculty member, and AIWG group members about the allegation, the potential sanctions, and the scheduled meeting information.
  3. The meeting procedures are as follows:

A. The faculty member will present evidence of academic dishonesty.

B. The student will present evidence relevant to the academic dishonesty charge.

C. The AIWG will request from the faculty member and student any additional information it may need to make a determination.

D. The AIWG shall make written recommendations to the HBS Dean regarding additional sanctions.  In addition, the student will be entered into the HBS AD tracking database.

  1. HBS sanctions may include expulsion from the HBS or other sanctions determined appropriate for the academic dishonesty.
  2. The student has the right to appeal the findings of the HBS AIWG and the HBS Dean to the Provost within 10 days of the decision letter being sent from the dean.  The student has the right to appeal if they meet the grounds for appeal set forth by the University as described in the SCSU Student Handbook found at http://www.stcloudstate.edu/studenthandbook/code/appeals.asp

This policy was developed and approved by Herberger Business School Faculty.

Rev. 10/04/12


Please click on following link for a .pdf printable copy of the HBS Dishonesty Policy: http://www.stcloudstate.edu/hbs/dishonestypolicy/documents/HBS_DishonestyPolicy.pdf

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