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Graduate Studies Mission

The School of Graduate Studies at St. Cloud State University has the mission of providing high quality, accessible graduate degree programs that are responsive to the need for professional development and educational enrichment. The offerings reflect a wide range of master's programs as well as a selected number of specialist and other post-master's programs that serve students and practitioners throughout the state and upper Midwest. The graduate programs should be integrated with the research and development functions of the University.

The goals of graduate study at this University are:

  • To increase the professional skills and academic competence of students who show promise of making important contributions to their profession.
  • To prepare students for further graduate study.
  • To meet the specialized needs of students whose educational or career goals can best be served by programs that provide advanced study in two or more related disciplines.
  • To foster an attitude of intellectual inquiry and to develop research skills that may be applied in a professional context.
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