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Planning a Course of Study

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Avoiding Problems with Your Program of Study

When your Program of Study cannot be approved, either because it violates School of Graduate Studies guidelines or because you have not been admitted to the degree program or satisfied certain prerequisites, both you and your advisor are confronted by delays and extra work.  In an effort to help you avoid such problems we have listed below some of the more common reasons Programs of Study are returned not approved.

  • A course listed may not have been taken for graduate credit; a course may have a grade below “C”; a course may not meet the seven year limit.
  • Too many credits earned under non-degree admission (Not more than six credits earned under non-degree admission may be counted toward the degree).
  • The student failed to complete at least 66.67 percent of all credits attempted at the University.      
  • The Program of Study includes deficiency or prerequisite courses.
  • The Program of Study includes undergraduate courses.
  • The Program of Study does not meet the minimum degree program hours requirement.
  • The Program of Study was submitted for a program to which you have not been admitted.
  • You may not have been admitted as a degree seeking student.
  • Courses listed do not match those appearing on your transcript(s).  Department codes, course numbers, titles and credit hours must appear exactly as they appear on the transcript.
  • All signatures of the student, advisor, program director or department chair have not been obtained.
  •  The School of Graduate Studies has not received official transcripts for all transfer courses or such transcripts indicate that the courses in question do not qualify for transfer credit.

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