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New Student Orientation

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Every new student at St. Cloud State University is issued a HuskyNet E-mail account. The HuskyNet E-mail account is the official method of communication from SCSU. Students will receive all SCSU information regarding important topics such as registration, financial aid, and campus security, as well as messages from instructors through the HuskyNet account only.

For more information and to activate your account, visit

D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is an online course management system that allows access to course information via the internet. You may have to use D2L Brightspace to upload assignments, take quizzes, view your course schedule, or participate in online discussions. 

Visit for more information or to log on to your account.

File & Web Space

Students, faculty and staff receive personal File Space when they activate their StarID (username). File Space allows you to store files on SCSU’s network and use your StarID to login and access them from both on and off campus.

Visit for more information or to log on to your account.

Virtual Lab

The Virtual Lab lets you use campus software on your own computer. If you began a project on-campus, but need to continue at home this program allows the software programs to appear to run on your desktop. All keyboard strokes, mouse clicks and screen movements are transmitted between your computer and the Virtual Lab system

For information on how to use the virtual lab, visit

To go directly to the Virtual Lab, see

HuskyNet Wireless Network

St. Cloud State University is virtually 100 percent wireless. All you need is a valid StarID and a wireless-enabled laptop or hand-held device, and you can access the Internet and SCSU’s network from almost anywhere on campus.
Visit for information regarding usage requirements, configuration, and a coverage map.

Help Desk

The HelpDesk is the technology support center for St. Cloud State University students, faculty and staff.  There you will find consultants able to assist you with your technology needs, whether you’re in a campus lab, office, or using your own computer on or off campus.

For contact information and a complete list of services, see

Security & Protection

SCSU provides protection against viruses and vulnerabilities through free programs and advice on keeping your computer safe. Visit for downloads and advice.

Computer Labs

General Access computer labs are open to all SCSU students. Student consultants are available to answer your questions in these computer labs. For more information, visit

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