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Financial Aid & Scholarships

For Domestic Students:

Graduate students generally have some unique situations in regard to financial aid compared to undergraduate students. Graduate students are automatically considered independent for financial aid purposes and do not qualify for federal and state grants. In addition, graduate students are more likely to enroll part-time. These situations can affect the amount and timely delivery of financial aid eligibility. You must apply for financial aid every academic year.

For information on how to apply, tuition rates, forms and more, visit

Notes about Graduate Students and Financial Aid:

  • You must be formally accepted into a graduate program before financial aid can be processed.
  • Graduate students are not eligible for any federal or state grant programs; however, they are eligible to receive funds through loan and work programs.
  • Graduate students must enroll in eight or more credits per semester in order to be considered a full-time student for financial aid purposes. You must be enrolled at least half-time (six credits) to be eligible for federal or state loan programs.
  • Federal regulations require Stafford loans that are processed for one term to be multiply disbursed. This includes loans that are processed for fall semester only, spring semester only, or summer term. You will receive the first half of your loan at the beginning of the semester (or when you apply, if later). You will receive the second half of your loan at the mid-point of the semester.
  • If an assistantship is funded through the work study program, the student's loan eligibility is generally reduced by the full amount of the assistantship (stipend) plus the amount of tuition assistance the student will receive.
  • If you borrowed educational loans as an undergraduate, you may be able to defer loan payments while attending graduate school. Contact the lender to request a deferment.

For International Students:

Financial aid for international students is limited to graduate assistantships and scholarships. International students are not eligible to receive loans or grants.

International Scholarships
Visit the Center for International Studies site for information on scholarships and other financial services available for international students at

Graduate Assistantships

One method of financing graduate study is through a graduate assistantship. Such an award assumes the student is doing significant work for the University. The student receives a stipend, plus remission of up to eight credits of tuition.
For information on assistantship (including application forms, FAQ, and the Graduate Assistant Handbook) visit the Graduate Assistants section.


For information on Graduate Student Scholarships, visit the US Student Scholarships page. 
Perform a scholarship search.

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