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Leadership Development Resources

Graduate school is the perfect place to develop your leadership skills and to gain leadership experience. In fact, if you are earning your master’s degree, you already have leadership skills. What you need is a way to expand on and effectively describe those skills. For free online resources on leadership skills, competencies and expert advice visit our Leadership Skills Matrix.

General Tips on How to Develop your Leadership Potential at SCSU:

  • Talk to your advisor to get suggestion for leadership development relevant to your discipline and future career.

  • Get involved in organizing campus or community events and build your planning, organizational and team working skills.

  • Present at local, regional or national conferences to boost your presentation and public speaking skills.

  • If your program allows electives, consider taking an interdisciplinary course about leadership theory and practice. Do not forget to specifically mention these courses on your resume under Leadership Skills/ Experiences.

  • Keep track of your leadership experiences by using the Co-Curricular Transcript offered through the Center for Student Organizations and Leadership Development.

  • Add your leadership experience and training to your professional e-folio. Follow the link to access Minnesota E-folio Website. Free workshops on how to design your e-folio are offered throughout the academic year. Check here to see the schedule.

  • No leader of the 21st century can avoid using technology. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to improve your computer skills for free:
    Technology Training and Workshops

  • Check out books at the leadership library located in the Center for Doctoral Studies, Education Building, Room B121.

  • Familiarize yourself with modern leadership theories and the work of influential leaders.

Campus Resources

One way to discover the leader within you is to get involved in organizing campus events. The following organizations will welcome your initiative:

Community Resources

Interdisciplinary Courses

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of courses germane to leadership. Visit our Leadership Skills Matrix to learn more about leadership competencies. You may want to take an elective course to improve any of the applicable skills. Before registering for a course please consult your advisor and contact an instructor for permission.

For the list of other courses browse Graduate Catalog or contact Center for Continuing Studies

Leadership Theory and Practice



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