Gerontology (Graduate Certificate)

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Graduate Catalog: Gerontology

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Department: Gerontology

Graduate Director:
Dr. Phyllis Greenberg

Program Overview

  • The department also offers a graduate certificate providing specialized training in aging studies.
  • The graduate certificate complements and supplements other graduate majors.
  • The multidisciplinary graduate certificate program provides knowledge that can be utilized across numerous agencies, institutional settings and professions.
  • A gerontology certificate provides advanced professional educational opportunities.
  • Participation in the courses creates opportunities to develop professional networks.
  • The coursework provides a great expansion of knowledge and expertise to professionals.

Admission Information

  • Admission decisions are made as completed application files are received.
  • Individuals who have a master's or professional degree or who currently are enrolled in a master's degree program other than gerontology may enroll.
  • The GRE is not required for certificate admission consideration.
  • Admission decisions are made throughout the year, as completed application files are received.
  • Students may start the program fall and spring terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be a graduate certificate student?

  • By seeking admission to the Gerontology graduate certificate program a student can enjoy priority registration dates and earn a graduate certificate that is transcribed on the SCSU transcript.
  • A graduate certificate is a great way to stack your professional credentials for both employment and salary advancement opportunities.
  • Financial aid (such as loans) may be available for this graduate certificate.

SCSU highly encourages all students to seek admission to the graduate certificate program. You will be eligible for a pre-admission advising meeting and will receive regular communication from the School of Graduate Studies and other University service units and be eligible for the full benefits of being an admitted SCSU student.

Gainful Employment

Certain undergraduate and graduate certificates at St. Cloud State University prepare students for employment in specific fields and do not result in a degree. Federal law requires publication of data associated with those programs of study, including approximate program costs, program length, and employment statistics. The Minnesota State Colleges and University's (MnSCU) Chancellor's office has provided this report containing the aforementioned information for all required programs.