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Department: Economics

Graduate Director:
Dr. Ming Lo

The Profession

The Master of Science in Applied Economics prepares a student to work with private firms or governmental agencies in forecasting, market research, or policy analysis.


Graduates of the Master of Science in Applied Economics program work with private consulting firms, and research departments in large corporations and banks. They do forecasting and market research, as well as financial planning analysis. Others have gone on to law school.

Admission Information

  • Admission decisions are made as completed application files are received.
  • Prior to taking core courses for the Master of Science in Applied Economics, students must have met the requirements for admission to the School of Graduate Studies.

Length of Program - Measured by Semesters

  • Part-time Student: eight semesters.
  • Full-time Student: four semesters.
  • The program has been designed to accommodate both part-time and full-time students.
  • Most courses are offered in the evening to accommodate working students.

Graduate Assistantship Overview

  • Two graduate assistantship positions are generally sponsored each year, and are available both fall and spring semesters.
  • Graduate assistants in the Department of Economics generally provide research assistance to professors, and help somewhat with grading. They also have the chance to work on research or consulting projects with professors and through the Minnesota Economic Development Center.

The Five-Year BA/MS Track in Economics

The Five-Year B.A./M.S. track is an accelerated, rigorous program option available to SCSU undergraduates who maintain a 3.3 GPA and who show the ability and discipline necessary to successfully complete an accelerated combination undergraduate and graduate program in economics. The track allows a student to receive the Bachelor of Arts in Economics and the Master of Science in Applied Economics in five years. This special undergraduate core is more rigorous than the traditional undergraduate core. Students are allowed to take 500-level and 600-level courses prior to graduation and count some or all of these credits towards the B.A. degree. However, students may opt out early with a B.A. provided that certain course requirements are satisfied.

In addition to the accelerated timetable, the five-year track differs from the stand alone B.A. Economics track in the following ways:

  1. Students in the five-year track may double count certain 500-level economics courses for either graduate or undergraduate credit. Students will be expected to enroll in these courses during their senior year.
  2. Students may enroll in the thesis, starred paper, or internship tracks between their fourth and fifth years. They will be encouraged to begin work on their projects during the summer between their fourth and fifth years.
  3. Students may complete the B.A. in Economics and M.S. in Applied Economics with 13 fewer required semester credits than if they chose to take the B.A. and M.S. through the traditional tracks.
  4. This reduction in required credits is made possible by allowing students to double count 12 credits of 400/500 level courses, including two courses which are core requirements for the graduate degree (ECON 586 and ECON 587), three fewer credits of free university electives, and three fewer economics electives
  5. Students will be granted early conditional admission to the M.S. in Applied Economics upon successful completion of the following undergraduate requirements:

    • An undergraduate core (26 credits) consisting of ECON 205, 206, 405, 406, 481, MATH 115, MATH 221, IS 242 or STAT 219.
    • A "B" or better in each of ECON 405, 406, 586 and 587 (note: ECON 586 and 587 are two of the courses students are allowed to double count.
    • Students must obtain approval from the graduate dean to take these courses to ensure double counting.

Five-year students are eligible for graduate assistantship funding after completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree.

  • Students in the five-year track will be conferred the B.A. in economics upon completion of their undergraduate core, ECON 586, ECON 687 and the electives listed above.
  • Students must maintain at a minimum a 3.0 GPA throughout their fourth and fifth-year in the program.

To apply:

  • Complete the online graduate application.
  • Only one recommendation form needs to be submitted during the application process.
  • The GRE is not required of SCSU 4+1 applicants.