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Graduate Catalog: CSIT

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Application Deadlines

Department: Computer Science and Information Technology

Graduate Director:
Dr. Jie Hu Meichsner

My advice for new graduate students in the program is to attend the lectures, reference course material. Take part in research and read more about a topic you really like. Try not to procrastinate but start early and talk with your professors often when you have doubts.

My graduate assistantship taught me how to bear responsibilities and how to manage my time and work with other students.

- Lasanth Heendaliya

Program Overview

Upon entering the graduate program, students must select an advisor and a degree plan and submit a program of study before completing 18 credits (usually before the end of the second semester of course work).

The Profession

The Master of Science in Computer Science prepares students for a profession in the field of information systems. The program qualifies students for a job as a software engineer, a system administrator, a programmer, or a software system analyst and designer.


Graduates have enjoyed professional employment in a variety of settings, including Guidant, Medtronics, IBM, Beckman Coulter, Silicon Graphics, Quest Publishing, software consulting companies and as instructors at two-year colleges.

Admission Information

  • The GRE is required. 
    • A strong showing (more than 75th percentile) in the quantitative GRE score is essential.
    • A strong score in the verbal section is also important.
  • Admission is competitive.
  • Positive letters of recommendation are important, as is a solid undergraduate academic record.
  • Lack of a computer science background is usually not a major concern, since prerequisite courses are prescribed. However, a background in the sciences and mathematics is essential.
  • Admission decisions are made at specific times associated with the application deadlines, usually in the week following the deadlines.
  • A final admission decision may take up to three weeks to receive from the application deadline and up to ten weeks for I-20s to be issued to international students.
  • Fully-qualified applicants will have taken courses that cover the following topics:
    • Non-linear data structures: sorting and searching algorithms.
    • Computer architecture: hardware organization, I/O interface, interrupt mechanisms and pipeline processor design.
    • File systems; hashed indexed, ISAM files; B-trees; external sorting.
    • Programming languages: design and implementation.
    • Operating systems: process, memory and file system management, device handlers.
    • Finite mathematics and modern algebra.

Length of Program — Measured by Semesters

  • Part-time student following Plan A: five semesters taking six credits per semester (not counting preparatory courses, if taken).
  • Part-time student following Plan B: six semesters taking six credits per semester.
  • Full-time student: three semesters taking 12 credits per semester (not counting prerequisites and preparatory courses).

Graduate Assistantship Overview

  • Five to seven graduate assistantship positions are generally sponsored each year, and are available both fall and spring semesters.
  • Graduate assistants in computer science provide teaching assistance to faculty in a variety of situations. In situations where an arrangement can be arrived at, the assistantship is provided via internships in local industry.