Community Education Director (Graduate Certificate)

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Department: Educational Leadership and Higher Education

Graduate Director:
Dr. Frances Kayona

Program Overview

The graduate certificate program in Community Education prepares students for a profession as a Director of Community Education. The Minnesota Department of Education has approved this program for meeting the professional preparation requirements for licensure.  The Graduate Certificate program provides coursework that leads to licensure.


Graduates will be able to seek employment in public community education settings, military education settings, area education agencies or regional education service units, and positions at state agencies. 

Admissions Information

  • Undergraduate GPA is closely reviewed. A large emphasis is placed on scholarship within the undergraduate core.
  • The GRE is not required for graduate certificate admission consideration.
  • Admission decisions are made throughout the year, as completed application files are received.
  • Students may start the program fall, spring and summer terms.

Length of certificate program -- Measured by semesters

  • Part-time student: four to five semesters taking six credits per semester
  • Full-time student: three semesters taking 12 credits per semester
  • During the academic school year courses are schedule on weekends and evenings. Summer courses are scheduled in two week blocks.

Gainful Employment

Certain graduate certificates at St. Cloud State University prepare students for employment in specific fields and do not result in a degree. Federal law requires publication of data associated with those programs of study, including approximate program costs, program length, and employment statistics. The Minnesota State Colleges and University's (MnSCU) Chancellor's office has provided these reports containing the aforementioned information for all required programs.