Applied Clinical Research

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Department: Applied Education in the MedTech Industry

Graduate Director:
Patricia Feulner

The Program

The Master of Science in Applied Clinical Research provides students with the necessary tools and competencies needed to design, conduct and evaluate human clinical trials for the medical device industry. The program covers basic human anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, as well as guidance from regulatory agencies in the US and across the world about design, conduct and evaluations of human clinical trials using appropriate statistical design protocols. The program provides "real world" examples and projects to grain competency in the logistics and risk management of human trials and assessing the risk and safety concerns. Graduates will be able to translate complex technical clinical results to the general population and accelerate their advancement to a leadership position in a medical device company/consulting agency.

The Profession

The clinical research professional is critical to making safe and effective medical products available to patients worldwide. These professionals ensure valid and ethical experimental design protocols are stringently adhere to federal and international medical device regulations for safety and efficacy. In successful medical device companies, clinical research professionals provide the scientific validation of the medical device under stringent scientific and ethical standards. The clinical professional team provides the "proof of concept" to a research hypothesis.

The clinical research professional requires versatile individuals with excellent communications skills and a broad knowledge of: human biology, statistical methods, experimental design, state, federal and international regulation, planning and logistics and risk management. As more diseases are described and the pathology elucidated more devices and biological products are being developed to mitigate these maladies. Testing these products in an ethical manner to ensure safety and efficacy requires a growing cadre of clinical professionals to meet the medical innovation that is evolving every day in the medical technology industry. This program will provide students with the requisite skills to be part of this vibrant and critical contribution to human health.

Program Overview

The graduate program provides the means to develop the essential understanding and competencies to work as a clinical research professional in medical technology industry or consulting organizations. It provides experience and development competencies in:

  • Human disease and medical applications to avert.
  • Design and conduct of ethical and efficacious human clinical trial.
  • Regulatory compliance for human clinical trials.
  • Role of Clinical Research professionals.

Program Location

The program is offered at the Twin Cities Graduate Center located in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

  • Computer lab, classrooms, and breakout areas are available for this program.
  • Students will have full access to electronic resources via a SCSU HuskyNet account, and instruction will be provided by course management software, currently D2L Brightspace.

Admission Information

  • Admission decisions are made throughout the year as completed application files are received. Students may be admitted for fall, spring and summer terms.
  • The director and selected instructors from the program will review applications to ensure each candidates' qualifications.

Length of Program — Measured by Semesters

  • Part-time student: 6 semesters over 2 years.