Housing and Expenses

SemesterAcademic Year
On CampusOff CampusOn CampusOff Campus
Residence Hall and Food $3,4975 $4,200 $6,994 $8,400
Personal Miscellaneous $960 $1,050 $1,920 $2,100
Health Insurance (Mandatory for international students) ($514) ($514) ($1,027) ($1,027)
SUBTOTALS $4,971 $5,764 $9,941 $11,527
Educational Totals
(MN Resident 12 credits & fees)
$4,476 $4,476 $8,953 $8,953
TOTAL COSTS (Estimated) $9,447 $10,240
$18,894 $20,480
Note: The living costs reflect approximate costs at the time of printing. Costs are subject to change without notice.

Summary of Graduate Expenses

For Partnered Students
If your partner will be attending the University, double the educational costs and add 75 percent of the living expenses listed in your total expenses. If your partner will not be a student, only add 75 percent of the living expenses. For children: Add $3,000 for each child. If both parents will be students, add an additional $2,100 for each child under six years of age for day care expenses.

Non-Payment of Monies Due to the University
The student must honor all financial and other obligations to the University. Students who have financial obligations to the University will not be permitted to register, receive grade reports, or receive or have official transcripts issued until such obligations are satisfactorily met.

Academic Year
SCSU operates on the semester system. There is an intersession in mid-May and two summer terms which offer a broad spectrum of the regular academic year courses. Summer term credits may be applied toward fulfillment of graduate program requirements and are subject to the same regulations as credits earned during the academic year.

Health Insurance

International Students

International students are required to purchase the Minnesota State University Health Insurance Plan as a condition of admission and continued enrollment. Exemption is only by an acceptable affidavit from the student's embassy. The full $1,027 health insurance payment is required in the first semester.

United States Students

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) system sponsors a student health insurance plan underwritten by a private insurance company. If a student is not covered by a parents' plans or do not have an individual plan, he/she might want to consider the system sponsored plan. United States residents and citizens are not required to purchase health insurance but many students do participate in this affordable option. The cost is approximately $1,000 for the year.