Our Vision
To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities to play, learn, and grow together in a healthy community.

Our Mission
To create a regional playground that will be accessible for persons of all abilities.

Creating a Fully Accessible Playground at Wilson Regional Park

The Kaleidoscope project was created through a unique partnership with the St. Cloud State University Department of Community Studies, CMTY 195 “Community and Democratic Citizenship” service-learning students, the St. Cloud East Side Boosters, the City of St. Cloud through its Parks Department, and the Central MN Community Foundation

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What is Kaleidoscope?


  • A regional playground designed to be 95-100% accessible to persons of all abilities
  • A place where children and adults of all abilities can play and grow together A way to break down the barriers that can develop among people from different backgrounds and abilities
  • The first piece of equipment (Sway Glide) and the Community Donor Board were installed in the Spring, 2005
  • Additional play equipment (Main Play Area, Swings, Toddler Area) was installed June, 2007
  • Accessible poured rubber surfacing will follow as additional funding is raised

What Makes Kaleidoscope Unique?

Sway Fun Glider

Family Fest Art Scape Artist
  • Unique play equipment including a “sway-fun glider”, ramped bridges, play panels and more!
  • A separate play area for children ages 2-5
  • Kaleidoscope Artscape Collaboration - a community produced mosaic mural created under the direction of local artist Claire Witt.
  • Poured rubber surface made from recycled materials to offer maximum safety and accessibility (planned)

Where is Kaleidoscope?

  • Kaleidoscope is located at Wilson Park in St. Cloud, MN ( 625 Riverside Drive, NE) – a regional park serving Benton, Sherburne, and Stearns Counties, and beyond

What Can Kaleidoscope Do for Us?

  • Kaleidoscope has the potential to revitalize one of our most beautiful resources, bringing new opportunities for play, community, and commerce to the region
  • Kaleidoscope has also been successful in bringing together various groups (including SCSU students, the East Side Boosters, the City of St. Cloud, and the Central MN Community Foundation) to develop a local sense of community
  • Kaleidoscope has been instrumental in helping SCSU students develop civic engagement skills

What is SCSU’s Role in Kaleidoscope?

From 2001-2007, over 600 students enrolled in selected sections (Karasik, Greenberg & Mittlehfehldt) of CMTY 195 “Community and Democratic Citizenship” have participated in the Kaleidoscope project as part of a service-learning component to the course.

The goal of CMTY 195 is to examine the nature of community in the United States, with a focus on 1) sustainable communities and 2) democratic citizenship. Specific attention is placed on understanding the concept of community; the factors that contribute to forming a community; the role communities play in the lives of their members; and the role people play in sustaining community. Students have the opportunity to explore diverse communities, as well as to learn more about the communities to which they belong.

What Can YOU do?

  • Tax deductible contributions may be sent to:
    “The Kaleidoscope Fund”
    Central MN Community Foundation
    101 7 th Avenue South, Suite 100
    St. Cloud, MN 56301
  • Contributions are tax deductible – the Central MN Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Major contributors will be recognized on the community “Donors Board” which is on permanent display at the park.
  • Portions of the playground are available for unique sponsorship opportunities. Call (320) 308-5224 for more information or click on “Donor Information

Thank you to all of our current Kaleidoscope Sponsors!

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