Discover all the Possibilities of a Career in Aging

Careers in Aging

Why Study Aging and Older Person's?

  • Expanding Career Opportunities: Populations are aging worldwide. People are living longer, and the number of older persons is increasing. These trends are evident in American society, as well as in most other countries around the world.
  • A Stimulating, Challenging Field: The field of aging is very diverse, offering many different employment opportunities. This diversity exists, in part, because older persons are very different from each other in many ways. As we age, our experiences, needs, resources, and abilities vary according to such factors as gender, race, ethnicity, and economic status.
  • Potential to Make a Difference: People working in aging report great satisfaction in addressing the challenges of those who are growing older, helping to maintain the quality of their lives, and enjoying the wit, wisdom, and creativity of the older persons with whom they come in contact.

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Professionals in the field of aging work in a variety of settings. These include:

  • Community, human services, and religious organizations
  • Health care and long-term care institutions
  • Federal, state, and local government agencies, including the aging network (the system of service delivery to older persons established by a federal law entitled the Older American Act)
  • Retirement communities
  • Academic and other educational and research settings
  • Professional organizations
  • Business and industries

Some professionals work directly with older persons. Other professionals are less directly involved with older persons, but work on their behalf, educate others, or investigate issues in the field of aging. Some professionals devote themselves full-time to the field of aging. Others divide their time between aging and other areas of interest within their disciplinary, professional, or clinical areas.

(Taken From The Association for Gerontology in Higher Education)

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