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Past Thesis Topics

Name Thesis Date Chairman
Boentje, John Forest fragmentation and loss in the Green Belt zone of Moscow, Russia: a remote sensing perspective May-06 Blinnikov, Mikhail
Schroeder, Jeffrey Starred paper: Comparison of a Legacy GIS model with an Enterprise GIS model Dec.-05 Torguson, Jeffrey
Moilanen, Mike Tribal gaming impacts on the physical landscape: the Mille Lacs band of Ojibwa a case study March-05 Wall, David
Patti, Samir M. Estimation of Timber Volume in Lake Alexander Preserve Area Using Color Infrared Image and kNN Method Oct-05 Blinnikov, Mikhail
Keup, Jacob A Spatial Examination of Guatemala Nunca Mas Using ArcGIS Aug-05 Torguson, Jeffrey
Steuernagel, Mike Establishing the Conceptual Framework for a Web-based Atlas, Using Russia as the Pilot Project Area May-05 Torguson , Jeffrey
Reyerson, Paul Phytolith Indicators of Paleo-Vegetation Composition and Density in Eastern Washington State Dec-04 Blinnikov, Mikhail
Erickson, Craig Camp Ripley Wolf Tracking ArcView Script May-04 Richason, Benjamin III
Shrestha, Namrata Comparative study of boreal forest fires in Ontario May-04 Blinnikov, Mikhail
Porteous, Doni L. Trends in Geographic Information Systems Employment Within Minnesota May-04 Richason, Benjamin III
Hoekenga, Jonathan A Comparison of Techniques Used to Detect Coffee in 1987 and in 1996 in Chiquimula, Guatamala Feb-04 Richason, Benjamin III
Iqbal, Qazi Urban Sprawl and Its Effect on Landscape Fragmentation A Remote Sensing Approach Feb-04 Blinnikov, Mikhail
Martin, Thomas P. Hydraulic Pipe Condition: Study in Predictive Factor Association: State of Minnesota Case Study Nov-02 Bixby, Robert
Renando, Wade Teaching Geographic Information Systems to Third Grade Students by Using the World Wide Web Jan-02 Bixby, Robert
Anderson, Thomas The Procedure to Develop A Geographic Information System Application As A Decision Management Tool Aug-00 Bixby, Robert
Dickerson, Sonia T. Integrating CAD And GIS May-00 Richason, Benjamin III
Kritzky, Banette R. An Analysis of the Ethnic Distribution of Settlers to Sherburne County in 1880 May-00 Richason, Benjamin III
Haakonson, Tammy Rail Line Abandonment to Trail Corridor: A Study Using The Rail-Trail Concept to Convert Abandoned Rail Corridors Into a Regional Trail System in Central Minnesota Dec-99 Bixby, Robert
Lieberman, Kim GIS Use in Nonprofit Organizations: Models for Technical Support Dec-99 Bixby, Robert
Wendt, Daniel G. Relating Landscape Indicies of Forest Fragmentation To Large Scale Forest Assessment Data Aug-99 Richason, Benjamin III
Wald, Mark A. Improving Natural Resource Management Decisions: An Application of Executive Information Systems Concepts in Geographic Information System Development Aug-97 Richason, Benjamin III
Schreurs, Brian K. A Customized Application for Database Integration and Spatial Analysis May-97 Bixby, Robert
Zibell, Michael Scott Aviation Planning for Afghanistan Using Geographic Information Systems May-97 Richason, Benjamin III
Gelzer, Gary Urban Development Patterns: The Utilization of A Present Land Use Classification System as Applied to Historical Aerial Photographic Date; St. Louis Park, Minnesota, 1937-1994 Nov-96 Bixby, Robert
Goodman, Eric An Integrated Spatial Analysis Tool for Electrical Utility Planning Nov-96 Richason, Benjamin III
Liljequist, Katherine The Study of Minnesota's Orderly Annexation Statute: A Viable Alternative for Urban Growth; City of St. Joseph and St. Joseph Township, Stearns County, Minnesota Nov-96 Bixby, Robert
Knutson, Peter Assessing ARC/Info's Region Feature Through Development of a Forest Concealment Management Zone At Camp Ripley Training Site, Minnesota Nov-96 Richason, Benjamin III
Mcgregor, Randy Land Use in Bloomington, Minnesota from 1951 to 1991: Implication for Growth Management May-96 Bixby, Robert
McKay, Gary An Integrated Spatial Analysis Model for Costal Archaeology: Carteia, Spain May-96 Richason, Benjamin III
Schiebold, John P. Development of a Geographic Information System and Associated Supporting Technologies for Water Resources Management Nov-95 Bixby, Robert
Zoller, Graham J. Interactive Online Access for the Prototype 1990 Conterminous U.S. Land Cover Characteristics Data Set Nov-95 Richason, Benjamin III
Johnson, Karen The Influence of the Railroad on Townsite Location in Stearns County, Minnesota May-95 Wixon, Lewis
Pehler, Karl M. Local Retail Development: A Geographic Information System Approach May-95 Bixby, Robert
Mareck, Scott M. The Transportation Planning Process and the Utility of a Geographic Information System in Corridor Preservation Nov-94 Bixby, Robert
Bixby, Terri Lee Beer The Development of A Geographic Information System Application For the Implementation of Land Evaluation Site Assessment Zoning Ordinance For Holding Township, Stearns County, Minnesota May-94 Richason, Benjamin III
Heneghan, Ellen Public Involvement in the Environmental Assessment Process For Wilderness Allocation in Voyageurs National Park Aug-93 Addicott, James T.
Thurman, Walter L. Implications of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act-Subtitle D for a Sparsely Populated Rural State---Waste Dumps of the Mesabi Iron Range: Heritage or Blight?---Solid Waste Management Plan for East Mesabi Landfill Aug-92 Bixby, Robert
Sather, Douglas An Analysis of Anoka's Ethnic Base 1850-1880 Aug-91 Coppock, Henry
Mcintyre, Gerald An Evaluation of the Adoption of Asian Students in the Anoka-Hennepin Schools May-87 Wixon, Lewis
Byrne, Tomothy D. The Effects of Four Trihalogenatedmethanes On The Embryonic Development of Rana Pipens and Xenopus Laevis Nov-82 Hopwood, Alfred J.
Walter, Michael V. A Study of the Correlation Between Levels of Trihalomethane and Total Organic Carbon Nov-82 Hopwood, Alfred J.
Chamberlain, Neil The Prominent Role of the Streetcar in the Dispersal of Population in the Twin Cities From 1870 to 1920 Aug-78 Tideman, Philip L.
Northrop, Dori J. Orrock in Transition Aug-78 Tideman, Philip L.
Yannotti, Louis J. Climate as a Major Determinant in the Distribution of Australian Beef Cattle and Sheep--Sprinkler Irrigation in Sherburne County, Minnesota Aug-77 Tideman, Philip L.
Ellingson, David A. Present and Past Use in East-Central Minnesota With An Emphasis on the Current Christmas Tree Industry Aug-75 Tideman, Philip L.
Stacey, Michael T. The Economic Effect of the Organic and Glacial Legacy of Lake County, Minnesota Jul-75 Tideman, Philip L.
Schinke, Thomas Outdoor Recreational Preferences of Selected Families In A Central Minnesota Community Jun-73 Tideman, Philip L.
Wheeler, Gerald A. Geographical Aspects of the Genus Araucaria Jun-73 Parson, Ruben
Mell, Jack C. Role of the Taconite Industry In the Economy of Mountain Iron Aug-72 Parson, Ruben
Erickson, George B. Geographic Aspects of Air Freight in the Economy of Minnesota Jul-68 Harper, Carmen W.
Miller, John The Central Place Function of Princeton, Minnesota 1966 Harper, Carmen,W.
Behr, Philip R. An Analysis of College Freshman Understanding of Selected Geographic Fundamentals Aug-64
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