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Geography Major?

A Geography Major?

While many students love geography, looking at maps and traveling, they don't realize that they can actually major in geography and get a job. So if you are like most students here's how and why you might want to be a Geography Major.

The Geography program specializes in how the world’s physical, human and environmental phenomena are spatially organized and interrelated.  In an ever-changing world that is intensifying and multiplying in its global connections, geography is more relevant than ever.  With major specializations in disciplinary geography, land surveying, travel and tourism and geography education, and a keen focus on highly marketable technical skills in the Geographic Information Sciences, this program seeks to equip students for a broad range of rewarding careers in the private and public sectors (including tourism, land surveying, urban planning, natural resource management, teaching, and computer mapping) as well as for graduate study in a range of disciplines.  Students graduating with a degree from the geography program look at the world differently and with an understanding of the important trends and processes that shape the world in which we live, work, and travel.   

     Geography majors develop a solid understanding of the processes and patterns of the earth's physical phenomena (e.g., landforms, weather and climate, ecosystems) as well as how people organize themselves across the earth’s surface to create a mosaic of human geographies (based on economic activity, culture, and political systems). This combined perspective provides students with a strong basis in understanding human-environment linkages (resource use, environmental impacts). Important elements of geographic training necessary for professional employment or graduate study include regional study (with a choice of world regions including Russia; East Asia; Europe; British Isles), topical specialization (such as biogeography; political geography; urban planning) as well as applied GIScience skills in mapping, aerial photo and satellite image interpretation, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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