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Gareth E. John

Gareth John

Associate Professor, at SCSU since 2005
Ph.D. 2003 University of Kentucky
M.S. 1997 The Pennsylvania State University
B.Sc.(Econ.) 1994 University of Wales, College Swansea

Stewart Hall 350
Phone: (320) 308-6143

Interests: cultural geography; historical geography; landscapes; history of geographical thought and practice; geographic education; American popular culture; contemporary British culture and society; geography of wine

Advisor: Faculty Advisor, Gamma Theta Upsilon (GTU) Geography Honor Society, St. Cloud State University Chapter.

Courses Taught (last time taught)
GEOG 111: Introduction to Global Geography (Fall 2010)
GEOG 253: Theory and Concepts in Geography (Spring 2010)
GEOG 270: Introduction to Cultural Geography (Spring 2011)
GEOG 374: Geography of Europe (Spring 2009)
GEOG 384: Geography of the British Isles (Spring 2009)
GEOG 390: Geography Field Course (Fall 2009)
GEOG 399: The Geography of Wine (Summer 2009)
GEOG 432: Applied Geography Seminar (Spring 2010)
GEOG 471/571: Historical Geography (Spring 2010)
GEOG 486/586: Political Geography (Spring 2011)
GEOG 610: Research Process in Geography (Fall 2010)
HONS 261/301: Europe and the Other (Fall 2006)
SSCI 204: Contemporary Britain (Spring 2010)

Graduate Student Advisees: Thesis Topic (Status)
William Craft: The Spatial Correlation between Casinos and Impaired Driving Incidents in Minnesota, 1985-200 (Graduated Spring 2008)

Jay Forstner: An Interactive Historical GIS of Pre-Park Exploration on the Upper Yellowstone, 1869-1871 (Proposal in progress)

Jessica Hixson: Retracing George Catlin's 1836 Journey to the Pipestone Quarry (Writing Thesis)

Jason Thelen: 2008 election: Losing the Grip of the South's Stronghold on Presidential Elections (Graduated Summer 2009) 

Selected Publications
2008. "Yellowstone Embodied: Truman Everts' 'Thirty-Seven Days of Peril'." Gender, Place and Culture: a Journal of Feminist Geography, 15, (30): 221-242 (with Christine Metzo)

2007. "Yellowstone as 'Landscape Idea': Thomas Moran and the Pictorial Practices of Exploration." Journal of Cultural Geography 24 (2): 1-29.

2006. “Historical Geography’s Alternative Futures.” Editorial in Past Place: Newsletter of the Historical Geography Specialty Group, 14 (2): 2-3.

2004. “Benevolent Imperialism: George Catlin and the Practice of Jeffersonian Geography.” Journal of Historical Geography 30 (2): 597-617.

2003. “Conservatism, Landscape, and the South in Ann Rice O’Hanlon’s New Deal Mural.” Kentucky Places and Spaces 1 (1): 11-22.

2001. “Cultural Nationalism, Westward Expansion and the Production of Imperial Landscape: George Catlin’s Native American West.” Ecumene: A Journal of Cultural Geographies 8 (2): 175-203.

St. Cloud State University Faculty Research Grant 2006-2007 for “Yellowstone and the “National Park Idea”: Tracing the Contours of a Landscape Idea,” $4,856.  

Minnesota Humanities Commission 2005-2006 Works-In-Progress Grant for “Picturing the Prairie: George Catlin on the Upper Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers, 1835-1836,” $2,500.


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