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SCSU Summer Program 2014
Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the program cost?
The program costs approximately $2,200. This cost covers tuition for 6 credit hours, housing and university and
program fees. You will pay separately for a meal plan. We recommend the Husky Block 50 commuter
meal plan.

Do I have to buy a meal plan?
While it is not required that you purchase a meal plan, as there are basic facilities for preparing your
own meals in the residence hall, we do encourage students to purchase a meal plan in order to help
build community among participants and to enhance your experience of the program. Taking 6 college
credits in 5 weeks is quite intensive, so the meal plan also saves you time and effort that you can spend
focusing on doing well in your classes and getting acclimated to SCSU. To purchase a meal plan for the
program, you need to go to the Chartwells website.

Which meal plan should I buy?
We recommend the Husky Block 50, a commuter meal plan, which includes 50 meals in Garvey
Commons and $100 in Munch Money. Because we will have community dinners on Monday nights, 50
means should about cover your dining needs for the 5 week program. It is the most economical, and
because commuter meal plans do not expire, you would continue to have access to those meals and
munch money throughout your time at SCSU. To purchase a meal plan for the program, you need to go
to the Chartwells website.

When will I be registered in my classes for the Summer Program?
We will enroll program students on every Monday throughout June and the final enrollment will take
place on July 1. Please request the enrollment form from Christine Metzo,
and return completed form via email or via fax to 320-308-2944.

Is there financial aid available?
If you are planning to apply for financial aid to help with program costs, you will need to complete the
2013-14 FAFSA using 2012 information. This is not the same FAFSA you would have completed for Fall semester. Because of the financial aid and FAFSA cycle, this needs to be submitted by June 30. Once submitted, one can make changes, but if it is not submitted by June 30, you will not be eligible for aid for the summer program. For more questions call the Office of Financial Aid at 320-308-2047 or 1-877-654-7278.

Do I have to live on campus?
The program is structured to provide a comprehensive living and learning community to support
students’ transition to SCSU, so yes, all students do live on campus as integral component of the

Where will I live?
You and a roommate, also enrolled in the program, will share accommodation in Mitchell Hall. In the
fall you may (a) stay with your summer roommate, (b) swap roommates with someone else from the
summer program, or (c) bring along your previously assigned roommate to join the Journey Community
in Sherburne Hall. Students may also opt out of the fall housing, and will need to notify program staff by
August 1.

When do I move into my summer housing?
Move‐in for the SCSU Summer Program is Sunday July 13th. On move in day students will
check in with Summer Program staff and be assigned a room and roommate. Parents
and students are invited to an opening program picnic at 4pm in the Japanese Garden area between
Centennial Hall and Administrative Services (rain site: Centennial Hall lobby). Students will begin
orientation at 5:30 pm that evening, so parents are asked to say their goodbyes before that time.

Can I go home on weekends?
The program does have activities for students on the first weekend, Friday night and Saturday, July 19
and 20. The other weekends of the program are not scheduled with formal activities, but some students
may want to use the weekends as an opportunity to engage in service learning hours, if available. We
also encourage students to be back on campus Sunday afternoon if they leave campus for the weekend,
so that they can take advantage of group study opportunities.

Can I bring my car?
Students are permitted to bring a vehicle to campus. Parking permits for summer (May 16 – August 16)
are $50. Visit for further details and pricing for Fall semester and yearlong permits. NOTE: If you buy a permit for the summer, please notify them that you are part of the
SCSU Summer Program and a staff member will be collecting your permit on your behalf on Friday, July 11, so that you will have it Sunday night (the Parking office is not open on Sunday of program move‐in), July 13. Please also contact Christine Metzo at so we are sure to include you in our permit pick up on the 5th.

What are the classes about?
Students will choose two of the three classes below. Faculty have been discussing their courses
together and the service learning and other co-curricular experiences to give you an integrated learning
experience across whichever two course you

CMST 192. Introduction to Communication Studies [LEP Goal 1]
This course covers interpersonal communication, small group communication and public speaking. Theory and experience to relate meaningfully, think critically, organize clearly, and speak and listen effectively.

PHIL 112. Philosophical Explorations [LEP Goal 6]
This course covers basic issues in philosophy: theory of knowledge, human nature, morality, political systems, religious thought, the meaning of life, etc. This summer program section will focus on the topics of community, individual agency, civic responsibility, and environmental ethics.

SOC 200. Environmental Sociology [LEP Goals 5 & 10] (Diversity/MGM)
This course covers social aspects of environmental issues, emphasizing the importance of gender, race, and class to an understanding of the human‐environment relationship, and the social construction of environmental problems and solutions.

What are the program expectations outside of going to classes?
All students are required to live in the residence hall for the duration of the program. Students will be
expected to participate in St. Cloud fieldtrips during the first week of the program, including on
Saturday, July 13. All students are required to participate in the canoe trip in the third week of the
program, July 24‐26. It will be integrated into the course experience of all students, so it is an essential
co‐curricular component of the program. Likewise all students will participate in service learning, which
will be integrated into your course work. This will be scheduled by the students in agreement with their
community partner. All students are required to participate in regularly scheduled study tables and
afternoon workshops.

Can I stay on campus after the program is over?
Students have two options once the program has ended. They may return home, coming back to SCSU
for their scheduled move-in for fall on August 24th. Or they may choose to remain living in the residence
halls during the two weeks between the end of the program and the move‐in weekend. Students would
remain living in their summer program rooms for the first week and move on August 17th to their firstyear living space. Students that stay must let Christine Metzo know by August 1st and will be charged $125 a week for housing, though the second week’s fee can be waived if the student volunteers as a Husky Hauler, helping other students and families move‐in on move in day. For those who are able to line-up on-campus or local part-time employment, this second option will likely be of particular interest!

Still have questions?
Contact us at 320-308-2931 or via email at