Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages


Tutoring hours are posted outside the main office in Lawrence Hall 113.




Tutor Not Available for Online Tutoring
Online tutoring currently not available.

Meet Our Tutors

Brian Amigo La Rosa (Spanish)

Daniela Gomez (Spanish)

Seiko Hayashi (Japanese)

Anaïs Kaneza (French)

Moudfir, Soufiane (French)

Priess, Daniel (German)

Tabora Riera, José (Spanish)

Tamariz Sandoval., Dereck (Spanish)

Tutor lab rules

Writtenr by Dr. Elena Kurinski on behalf of faculty

Tutors CAN:

  • Help students understand grammar topics covered in class
  • Practice speaking with students provided that tutors are informed what vocabulary and grammar topics students have to focus on.  
  • Give students general constructive feedback on their written assignments (e.g. help students determine what aspects of grammar, content, and/or structure need to be improved)
  • Clarify students’ questions related to their homework assignments
  • Quiz students on vocabulary, grammar, and other material upon request
  • Provide guidance regarding students’ assignments if students bring in clear instructions and questions for those assignments

Tutors CANNOT:   

  • Proofread students’ work or do comprehensive editing
  • Provide feedback by e-mail or other electronic means
  • Spend more than 20 minutes with a student if another student is waiting in line
  • Polish up students’ work
  • Do any assignments for (instead of) students such as writing a paper, translating a paper or completing any type of exercise
  • Help students who are not currently enrolled in foreign language classes
  • Help students with any assignments outside of  SCSU foreign language courses  
  • Share any information about students’ work with others

Tutors SHOULD:

  •  Maintain confidentiality and a friendly professional atmosphere
  •  Ask professors for guidance and help when necessary
  •  Fulfill their duties according to their job description
  •  Always ask students to complete the attendance form and other necessary paperwork
  •  Be patient
  •  Report any inappropriate behavior

In order to get help in the tutor lab, students SHOULD:

  •  Have clear expectations of the type of help our tutors provide
  • Bring in all relevant materials including instructions for written assignments and projects
  • Prepare specific questions for tutors
  • Be cooperative and willing to learn
  • Ask for clarifications when necessary without hesitations
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