Department of Languages and Cultures at St. Cloud State University

Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

Placement Information

The PDF document below describes the options for self-placement. Students can also make an appointment to meet an advisor in the language of their interest.

Placement Options (PDF)

Program advisors:

French BA advisors: Professors Gloria Melgarejo and Maria Mikolchak.

French BS advisor: Professor Gloria Melgarejo, French section coordinator.

German BS advisors: Professors Shawn Jarvis and Isolde Mueller

German BA advisors: Professors Shawn Jarvis, Isolde Mueller, Roland Specht-Jarvis.

Spanish BS advisor: Dr. Elena Kurinski, Spanish section coordinator.

Spanish BA advisors: Professors Agustin Boyer, Mike Hasbrouck , Elena Kurinski, Lisa Splittgerber (Department Chair), Luz-Consuelo Triana-Echeverria, Phyllis VanBuren.

Other languages:

Russian: Professor Maria Mikolchak

Japanese Instructor: Megumi Hanato.




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