Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

Faculty and Staff

Lisa SplittgerberSplittgerber, Lisa Ph.D. (Chair of the Department)
LH 121

Professor of Spanish

Chair of Languages and Cultures

Barbara SeefeldtSeefeldt, Barbara
LH 113
Office Manager

Agustin BoyerBoyer, Agustin Ph.D.
LH 122

Professor of Spanish

Mike HasbouckHasbrouck, Mike Ph.D.
LH 115

Professor of Spanish

silhouetteHanato, Megumi M.A.
LH G17

Adjunct Instructor of Japanese

ShawnJarvis, Shawn Ph.D.
LH 119

Professor of German

German B.S. Advisor,, Faculty Association Negotiator


Elena KurinskiKurinski, Elena Ph.D.
LH G13

Associate Professor of Spanish

Spanish Section Co-ordinator

Spanish B.S. Advisor

silhouetteLangen, William Professor Emeritus of French

Gloria MelgarejoMelgarejo, Gloria Ph.D.
LH 118

Associate Professor of French

French Section Co-ordinator

French B.S. Advisor

Masha MikolchakMikolchak, Masha Ph.D.
LH 123

Professor of Russian, French, German and English

Isolde MuellerMueller, Isolde Ph.D.
LH 120

Professor of German

German Section Co-ordinator

German B.S. Advisor, Service Learning Faculty Liaison

Roland Specht-JarvisSpecht-Jarvis, Roland Ph.D.
LH 116

Professor of German

Faculty Association, President Elect

Luz Triana-EcheverriaTriana-Echeverria, Luz Ph.D.
LH 117

Associate Professor of Spanish

Elizabeth Valencia-BorgertValencia-Borgert, Elizabeth M.B.A.
LH G17

Adjunct Instructor of Spanish

Phyllis VanBurenVanBuren, Phyllis Ed. D.
WH 305

Professor of Spanish

Shoua YangYang, Shoua Ph.D.
51 Building 312

Adjunct Instructor of Hmong

Professor of Political Science

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